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Consumers now average 4.2 hours per day in apps, up 30% from 2019

Tech Crunch: “The coronavirus pandemic has increased our collective screen time, and that’s particularly true on mobile devices. According to a new report from mobile data and analytics firm App Annie, global consumers are now spending an average of 4.2 hours per day using apps on their smartphones, an increase of 30% from just two years prior. In some markets, the average is even higher — more than five hours. In the first quarter of 2021, the daily time spent in apps surpassed four hours in the U.S., Turkey, Mexico and India for the first time, the report notes. Of those, India saw the biggest jump as consumers there spent 80% more time in smartphone apps in the Q1 2021 versus the first quarter of 2019. To put this in perspective in the American market, Nielsen had last year reported consumers were spending around 4.5 hours watching live or time-shifted TV, but only 3 hours, 46 minutes using smartphone apps…”

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