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Disconnect Search Lets Users Search Privately on Google, Bing, and Yahoo

News release: “Disconnect, a leading developer of popular consumer privacy and security software, today launched its newest service: Disconnect Search ( Developed by an ex-NSA engineer and three ex-Google engineers over the last year, Disconnect Search allows users to easily keep searches private without having to change their behavior. Unlike other private search solutions, Disconnect Search was designed so people can continue to use the web’s most popular search engines. Disconnect’s patent-pending technology also enables users to conduct private searches seamlessly through their browser’s omnibox or address bar…Disconnect Search protects users’ privacy in four ways: (1) search queries are routed through Disconnect’s servers, which makes the queries look like they’re coming from Disconnect instead of a specific user’s computer; (2) search engines are prevented from passing keywords to the sites that are visited from search results pages; (3) all queries are encrypted, which prevents ISPs from seeing them; and (4) Disconnect doesn’t log any keywords, personal information, or IP addresses.”

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