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Do-Not-Track" Option Now on IE, Firefox and Chrome

National Journal: Google and Mozilla both announced that they will be adding “do-not-track” options to their Internet browsers, allowing users to prevent websites from gathering personal information and selling it to advertisers. Mozilla announced its plan Sunday with Google following suit Monday. According to a company statement, Google’s “Keep My Op-Outs” feature will be available as an extension for download on its Chrome browser Monday. “We made available, for all major browsers, a downloadable browser plugin that enables you to permanently opt out of Google’s advertising cookie, even if you deleted all your browser’s cookies,” according to the statement.” Mozilla’s Firefox version will be an HTTP header that will tell websites that a user wants to opt-out what’s called “online behavioral advertising.” “The advantages to the header technique are that it is less complex and simple to locate and use, it is more persistent than cookie-based solutions, and it doesn’t rely on user’s finding and loading lists of ad networks and advertisers to work,” said Mozilla technology and privacy officer Alex Fowler wrote in a blog post Sunday. Microsoft announced a similar feature for its Internet Explorer in December.”

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