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Dodd – Frank Progress Report September 2013

State of Play to Date – DavisPolk Regulatory Tracker

  • Since July 15, 2013, one rulemaking requirement deadline passed, two rulemaking requirements were finalized and no new rules were proposed to meet rulemaking requirements.
  • As of September 3, 2013, a total of 280 Dodd-Frank rulemaking requirement deadlines have passed. This is 70.4% of the 398 total rulemaking requirements, and 100% of the 280 rulemaking requirements with specified deadlines.
  • Of these 280 passed deadlines, 172 (61.4%) have been missed and 108 (38.6%) have been met with finalized rules. Regulators have not yet released proposals for 64 of the 172 missed rules.
  • Of the 398 total rulemaking requirements, 160 (40.2%) have been met with finalized rules and rules have been proposed that would meet 112 (28.1%) more. Rules have not yet been proposed to meet 126 (31.7%) rulemaking requirements.”

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