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E-Mail Self Defense

“Bulk surveillance violates our fundamental rights and makes free speech risky. This guide will teach you a basic surveillance self-defense skill: email encryption. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to send and receive emails that are coded to make sure that a surveillance agent or thief can’t intercept your email and read it. Even if you have nothing to hide, using encryption helps protect the privacy of people you communicate with, and makes life difficult for bulk surveillance systems. If you do have something important to hide, you’re in good company; these are the same tools that Edward Snowden used to share his famous secrets about the NSA. This guide relies on software which is freely licensed; it’s completely transparent and anyone can copy it or make their own version. This makes it safer from surveillance than proprietary software (like Windows). Learn more about free software at Email Self-Defense is a project of the Free Software Foundation. We fight for computer user’s rights, and promote the development of free (as in freedom) software like GnuPG, which is used in this guide.We have big plans to get this guide in the hands of people under bulk surveillance all over the world, and to make more tools like it.”

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