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Education in the European Union

At a glance – What Think Tanks are thinking. 2 October 2015 EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service Author: Marcin Grajewski, Strategy and Coordination Unit. Education in the European Union.
“In the European Union, education policy is the responsibility of Member States, but EU institutions play an important supporting role. Erasmus+ is the fund for EU initiatives in education and vocational training, such as mobility of individuals, the development of partnerships and alliances, and policy innovations. Acknowledging the importance of education for social and economic development, member state governments have set targets for 2020 in a strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). These concern early childhood education, under-achievement in reading, mathematics and science, early school leavers, completion rates of higher education, and student mobility. This note offers a selection of recent studies by some of the major think tanks and research institutes analysing the state of education in the EU and reforms needed to improve it.”

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