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For First Time Over 50 Percent of Current Year Models Get More Than 23 MPG

“For the first time ever, over 50 percent of the current year’s vehicles get more than 23 miles per gallon (mpg) according to the Consumer Federation of America (CFA). After categorizing 1,099 2014 passenger vehicle models into 10 different mpg rating categories, CFA concludes that 2014 is a historic year for automakers. This finding is especially significant considering that just five years ago only 19 percent of models got 23 mpg. “The number of models getting over an impressive 30 mpg is 11.6 percent, a huge jump from the 1.3 percent that got over 30 mpg just five years ago. And, for the first time, there are no 2014 models getting below 13 mpg,” said Jack Gillis, director of public affairs for CFA and author of The Car Book. CFA selected 23 mpg as a benchmark for this analysis because it is the EPA fuel economy label equivalent to the 30.6 mpg overall corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) requirement for 2014.”

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