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Gallup – Three in 10 in U.S. Own an Array of Consumer Electronics

“As electronics enthusiasts gather in Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, a new Gallup analysis finds Americans falling into four groups according to their ownership levels of the electronic devices already available. At one end of the spectrum, 31% are “Super Tech Adopters,” who report broad ownership of the major computing and entertainment devices on the market. At the other extreme, 28% are “Tech-Averse Olders,” who own little more than a basic cellphone and DVD player. Between the extremes, 19% of Americans could be considered “Smartphone Reliants.” These Americans are highly likely to have a smartphone, but far less likely than Super Tech Adopters to own other electronics, particularly other portable devices. Additionally, “Mature Technophiles” — 22% of the public — report broad ownership of a variety of home electronics, but less than half have smartphones.”

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