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GSA launches U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Atlas

“The U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Atlas is an open source one-stop shop for U.S. federal government Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services, Blockchain, and soon Virtual and Augmented Reality and Social Technologies. Anyone from federal managers and policy-makers to U.S. businesses, researchers, and the public can analyze and update with:

1. Use cases for the practical application of emerging technologies;
2. Reports from public service workshops, pilots, and initiatives;
3. Paths to current programs in action right now;
4. Resources anyone can use for evaluation, testing, and potential adoption.

These pages include information provided directly from federal agencies evaluating and testing these new technologies, and like them should be considered a continual work-in-progress designed to empower you to know what we know and help us all be better informed to take advantage of new opportunities and avoid pitfalls. In order for public services to best evaluate, test, and where appropriate adopt new technologies to improve services for citizens and make them more cost effective for taxpayers, federal agencies must collaborate more openly with the U.S. businesses, policymakers and innovators who are critical to building transformational technology programs. By their nature, however, emerging technologies evolve at a pace faster than traditional programs develop, which requires us to find new ways of working together. This U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Atlas, a product of hundreds of contributions from across government to General Services Admninistration’s Emerging Citizen Technology program and its inter-agency Communities and initiatives, launched Oct. 11, 2017, and will evolve with the technologies and programs within it through contributions from federal agencies, private industry, and anyone interested in promoting emerging citizen technologies.”

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