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Guiding Principles on Privacy and Security of Personal Wellness Data

Consumer Electronics Association: “Wellness-related wearable devices represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the Internet of Things. Consumers now harness data about themselves — calories, steps, heart rate, and more — to improve their well-being. In the future, these devices will tell consumers even more about themselves, providing analytics and insights that will empower them to lead richer and healthier lives. Society also will benefit as we develop sophisticated tools to research health and wellness on an aggregated basis. All of these benefits depend on the collection and use of data, some of which can be considered personal or sensitive. Companies in the health and fitness ecosystem understand that they must be good stewards of that data to maintain consumer trust. With trust in mind, these Guiding Principles (“Principles”) articulate the Consumer Electronics Association’s (“CEA”) recommendations for voluntary best practices that mitigate risks that consumers may perceive with respect to personal wellness data. These Principles articulate practices that can be followed by a broad variety of companies in the health and fitness wearable ecosystem. If adopted, they may help companies obtain and maintain consumer trust. Since the Principles are baseline recommendations, companies following them will retain flexibility on how to implement them, accounting for each company’s unique combination of products, services, and users..”

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