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JSTOR offers free online reading access to the archives of 1,200 of the world’s most prominent journals

“JSTOR, the not-for-profit digital library of thousands of academic journals and other content, announced [January 9, 2013] that the archives of more than 1,200 journals are now available for limited reading by the public. This is part of a major expansion of JSTOR’s experimental program Register & Read, in which people can sign up for a JSTOR account and, every two weeks, read up to three articles online for free. [The January announcement follows a successful 10-month test during which more than 150,000 people registered for reading access to an initial set of 76 journals. “Our goal is for everyone around the world to be able to use the content we have put online and are preserving,” said Laura Brown, JSTOR managing director. “Register & Read provides a virtual way for anyone to walk into the JSTOR library, register at the door, and ‘check out’ a limited number of articles for reading.” Journal archives from nearly 800 scholarly societies, university presses, and academic publishers are now included in Register & Read. These organizations license and entrust their content to JSTOR and share the goal of providing far-reaching access to scholarship.”

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