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Low Income Americans are eligible for very inexpensive high-speed broadband internet and powerful computers

“…if you’re among the millions of Americans who can’t afford the typical expensive high speed internet services out there, and can’t stomach the low-speed free internet dial-up ISPs, this is the website for you. Not only will you learn about how to get cheap high-speed internet for only $9.95 a month — and even free broadband — you’ll see how you can get a Microsoft Office-loaded, Series 7 PC for only $150. Think of as your official, go-to source for everything you need to know about all the exciting, new, inexpensive internet service options that make broadband internet affordable for everyone. (By the way, when we say it’s the cheapest internet access, we’re not talking about stripped down, low-speed dial-up service. Not at all. We’re talking about the kind of blazing fast high speed broadband internet service that you’d expect to pay a lot of money for every month.)…Most of the nation’s major cable companies (well-known names such as Cox Cable and Cablevision, Time-Warner Cable and Charter) and many more of the smaller, regional cable companies (such as Bend Cable, Bright House Networks, Eagle Communications and Sjoberg’s Cable) have banded together to make this the largest and most significant cheap internet access program.”

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