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Prudential’s biennial study on the Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women

Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women

  • “Our 2012-13 study found that women are increasingly the primary breadwinners of many households. They are more likely to be single than a generation ago, either as a result of being widowed or the decision to remain single, marry later or divorce. This is increasingly the case for women in their 50s or later. Our data confirms the long-term trend we have seen of women playing a key role in making financial decisions, but notes that increasingly this is not a matter of choice. This survey also shows generational differences in attitudes toward money, as well as differences based on ethnicity. Women close to or about to retire clearly have had different life experiences and expectations than women in their 20s or 30s. As more women assume greater responsibility for financial decisions out of need, they are doing so at a time when both men and women are taking on an increased responsibility for managing retirement and benefits choices due in part to the shift from traditional defined benefit pension to defined contribution plans.”
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