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Regulatory Consistency Assessment of Basel III regulations – China

Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme  (RCAP)  Assessment of Basel III regulations – China. September 2013

“The CBRC [China Banking Regulatory Commission] issued the core elements of the Basel III capital standards in June 2012. Supplementary documents were published in October and November 2012, including additional requirements on capital  instrument innovation, transitional arrangements, and capital adequacy ratio reporting. Based in part on  the RCAP assessment process that began in January 2013, the CBRC issued a number of additional  regulatory notices in July 2013 that further align the domestic regulations with Basel standards. The main  changes related to the treatment of banks’ exposures to central counterparties and the disclosure  requirements for capital instruments. In addition, the CBRC issued a set of technical clarifications and  requirements to complete important parts of the Chinese capital regulations and make them consistent  with the international Basel III standards. Given their binding nature, the notices significantly contributed to the RCAP goal of consistent adoption of the Basel III standards.”

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