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SEC is plugged into the potential pitfalls of making Covid-19 vaccines

Via Quartz: SEC filings tell us a lot about the potential pitfalls of making Covid-19 vaccines. Companies working on vaccines detail how unlikely it is for a trial to fail, and it underscores how vaccines aren’t a magic bullet—total public health must be considered if we’re going to make progress….Enter 8-K forms. Publicly-traded companies are required to submit this paperwork to the US Securities and Exchange Commission whenever something exceedingly positive—or negative—happens within the company. Companies like Moderna filed them recently as their Covid-19 vaccines have entered some form of clinical testing. Included in most of these forms is a forward-looking statement, which essentially serves as a legal caveat. Their language usually includes an assessment of risks like this, which was taken from Moderna’s 8-K filed in mid-May…Novavax (8-K filed in May, referencing its 10-A form filed in March)…Inovio (8-K filed in June)…These 8-Ks aren’t the only places that companies state risks; sometimes, they’re in the initial registration paperwork companies have to file to the SEC, or regular quarterly reports…”

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