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The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2019

“When Fast Company introduced the 100 Most Creative People in Business 10 years ago, it was a watershed. Other business publications ranked individuals by wealth or power, but this publication sought to take stock of something intangible and, as then editor Bob Safian explained, offer a “snapshot of the range and depth of creativity across our business landscape….I recently asked Bernstein if, 10 years on, she worried about finding people who were accomplished, compelling, and creative enough to make the cut. (Each year we highlight 100 all-new “MCPs”—no repeats, and they can’t be people we’ve previously featured in print.) She shook her head emphatically: As long as there are problems that need solving and determined leaders viewing the world through a unique lens, there will be enough people to ensure that each of our 100 Most Creative People in Business lists remains a watershed…”

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