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The Regulation Room Team (Cornell Law School & ILR School’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution) The Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative

“The Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative is proud to announce a preview of Regulation Room, a collaborative effort with the United States Department of Transportation seeking to increase and enhance public engagement during administrative rulemaking proceedings. Administrative agencies have traditionally used the Federal Register to publish new proposals involving regulations on businesses, industries, and many other aspects that influence society at large. Traditionally, the Federal Register will allow for sixty days of public comments and an additional thirty days for replies. When announcing new rules, agencies typically provide a public comment period where anyone is permitted to voice their opinion on the proposed rules. Regulation Room is a new and innovative environment attempting to enable and increase public participation in the rulemaking process. The site features a collaborative phase, which should be of interest to the ADR community. The goal is to attract a wide audience who will contribute diverse perspectives and viewpoints, while attempting to grow awareness in the public at large. The site is moderated by Cornell Law School students under close supervision of faculty from the Law School and the ILR School’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. Regulation Room will be running a test commenting period from November 12 – 22 on a proposed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration rule on new tires. During the test period, users of Regulation Room will be able to learn about the rule through research options and asking questions, interact with other individuals around the world, and foster a unique dialogue on the important regulations that affect our daily lives. Please note that, while we look forward to your valuable feedback and discussion, NHTSA is no longer accepting public comments on the proposed rule that is the subject of the Regulation Room test. To accept your invitation, sign in to Regulation Room”>here.” [Stuart Basefsky]

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