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UN Report: Seven Years After 9/11: Al-Qaida’s Strengths and Vulnerabilities

The Future Actions Series – International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR): Seven Years After 9/11: Al-Qaida’s Strengths and Vulnerabilities, Richard Barrett, September 2008.

  • “The core Al-Qaida leadership remains in place, but it is still far from recovering the position of strength that it enjoyed in 2001; the appeal of Al-Qaida still attracts many thousands of supporters globally, but it is increasingly challenged by other strands of extremist thought; the Afghan Taliban has increased its reach and influence but is no longer strategically close to Al-Qaida, and the Pakistan Taliban, while a new and highly dangerous element in the mix, is not a single movement and may not provide Al-Qaida with the long-term protection and security that it needs.”
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