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Working from home causes surge in security breaches

ZDNet – The coronavirus pandemic is thought to be at the heart of a rise in security incidents this year: “The COVID-19 pandemic shows little sign of slowing down, and for many businesses, employees are still working remotely and from home offices. While some companies are gearing towards reopening their standard office spaces in the coming months — and have all the challenges associated with how to do so safely to face — they may also be facing repercussions of the rapid shift to remote working models in the cybersecurity space. In the clamor to ensure employees could do their jobs from home, the enterprise needed to make sure members of staff had the right equipment as well as network and resource access. However, according to Malwarebytes, the rushed response to COVID-19 in the business arena has created massive gaps in cybersecurity — and security incidents have increased as a result…”

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