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Yale MeSH Analyzer – Free Web Search Tool

Searching for Excellence at the NAHSL Conference Blog Post by Hongjie Wang October 23, 2015

“The Yale MeSH Analyzer,” a new web-based search tool introduced at the [2015 North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries] meeting Contributed Papers Session by Holly Grossetta Nardini and Lei Wang, took us all by storm.  This excellent MeSH Analyzer saves time as it “automatically retrieves the metadata necessary for search analysis, and creates a grid that visually explains the search process” to the users.  The excellence of such a creation can only be matched by the moment of the unbridled excitement and hearty approval when the whole room vibrated with the audience clapping and echoed with loud chants of “bravo!” Talking about “Anchored in Excellence!” Any medical librarians worth their salt should check out the URL of this amazing source at…”

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