Privacy and Consumer Groups Oppose Collection of Student Info For DoD Database

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on June 23, 2005

In what appears to be a parallel data mining program to that of the Dept. of Education, about which I posted on November 30, 2004 (Federal Gov’t Wants To Mine College and University Student Data), and again on April 6, 2005 (Gov’t Proceeds With Plans to Mine Personal Data on Students), new reports today on an extensive military recruitment database created by the Pentagon. Comprised of personal data on tens of millions of high school and college-aged students, the management of the database is in the hands of a commercial company in Massachusetts. A coalition of privacy groups filed comments yesterday strongly opposing the database, stating that “the collection of this information is not consistent with the Privacy Act…” and that the collection of social security numbers “heightens the risk of identity theft.”

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