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Crawl data analysis of 2 billion links from 90 million domains offer glimpse into today’s web

SearcEngineLand: Data analysis reveals the distribution of PageRank is highly right-skewed meaning the majority of hosts have very low PageRank – “The web is not only essential for people working in digital marketing, but for everyone. We professionals in this field need to understand the big picture of how the web functions for our daily work. We also know that optimizing our customers’ sites is not just about their sites, but also improving their presence on the web, which it is connected to other sites by links. To get an overall view of information about the web we need data, lots of data. And we need it on a regular basis. There are some organizations that provide open data for this purpose like Httparchive. It collects and permanently stores the web’s digitized content and offers them as public dataset. A second example is Common Crawl, an organization that crawls the web every month. Their web archive has been collecting petabytes of data since 2011. In their own words, “Common Crawl is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a copy of the internet to internet researchers, companies and individuals at no cost for the purpose of research and analysis.” In this article, a quick data analysis of Common Crawl’s recent public data and metrics will be presented to offer a glimpse into what’s happening on the web today…”

Hundreds of thousands of people read novels on Instagram. They may be the future

FastCompany – “Last year, the New York Public Library released an experiment to put the full text of novels in its Instagram Stories. Today, an estimated 300,000 people are reading books this way.” “In August 2018, Instagram followers of the New York Public Library were tapping through their Insta Stories when something unexpected showed up:… Continue Reading

News from the Law Library of Congress Chatbot

In Custodia Legis – “Have you tried the Law Library of Congress Chatbot lately? The chatbot provides answers to frequently asked legal reference questions through Facebook Messenger. You can interact with it by clicking through a series of menu options or you can type in a natural language question. The chatbot debuted in October 2017, and… Continue Reading

College Students Just Want Normal Libraries

The Atlantic – Schools have been on a mission to reinvent campus libraries—even though students just want the basics – “So far, the internet has not killed libraries either. But the percentage of higher-education budgets dedicated to libraries has been dwindling since the 1980s, and at many institutions there’s been a corresponding drop in reported… Continue Reading

The Authoritarian’s Worst Fear? A Book

The New York Times – “Governments are spending a remarkable amount of resources attacking books — because their supposed limitations are beginning to look like ageless strengths. Around the world, many authoritarian regimes — having largely corralled the internet — now have declared war on the written word, their oldest enemy. The received wisdom after… Continue Reading

University of Iowa Special Collections. Named “New and Notable” by Tumblr

“Rare books, artist’s books, miniature books, zines, oddities, and daily life from the University of Iowa Special Collections & University Archives. Expect GIFs! Visit our other Tumblr pages…” Iowa Women’s Archives: Hevelin Science Fiction Collection: Map Collection: Continue Reading

Want to Time Travel Back to the 80s? Visit a Prison “Typing Room”

The Marshall Project – “Most federal prisons have a designated area for inmates to pursue legal work: a legal library/typing room. Though we are in the 21st century and digital tech is everywhere, the Bureau of Prisons, or BOP, is dead set, come hell or high water, on keeping legal libraries/typing rooms firmly lodged in… Continue Reading

Hearing – The Federal Judiciary in the 21st Century

House Cmte. on the Judiciary – The Federal Judiciary in the 21st Century: Ensuring the Public’s Right of Access to the Courts – September 26, 2019 – Documents Witness List  A statement from Judge Steve Leben, Kansas Court of Appeals A letter from Judge Bridget Mary McCormack, Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court A letter from… Continue Reading