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What the New York Times Missed: 71 More of the Best Books of the 21st Century

Lit Hub: “Last week, The New York Times Book Review published a list of the “100 Best Books of the 21st Century.” (Well, so far, obviously. Why not just call it the best books of the last 25 years? Do they know something we don’t? Oh well.) To put it together, the Book Review surveyed “hundreds of novelists, nonfiction writers, academics, book editors, journalists, critics, publishers, poets, translators, booksellers, librarians and other literary luminaries,” asking them to pick ten favorite books published in the US since 2000. Then, “respondents were given the option to answer a series of prompts where they chose their preferred book between two randomly selected titles.” (Unclear what, exactly, this means, but it’s giving Hot or Not.) Anyway, the result is a big list that includes a lot of great books, and also, necessarily, leaves a large number out. (Every book of poetry published in the last 25 years other than Citizen, for instance.) Since no one asked us (rude), despite the Lit Hub staff being entirely made up of novelists, nonfiction writers, academics, book editors, journalists, critics, publishers, poets, translators, booksellers, and other literary luminaries (no librarians, alas), we decided to make our own list of books the Times list missed. (Some of these omissions could be considered shocking, but that’s what happens when you trust such a thing to the power of consensus.) No doubt many wonderful books have been left off both lists, however, such is the nature, etc. etc., so please do feel welcome to add your own favorites in the comments. In the meantime…”

Nature and Artifice: A Portrait of Vincent van Gogh Not Seen Before

Yale University Press – Yale Books: “David Ebony interviews Michael Lobel, author of Van Gogh and the End of Nature In his latest book, Van Gogh and the End of Nature, author Michael Lobel situates Vincent van Gogh in the midst of the industrial era in 19th-century Europe, and explores the artist’s often fraught relationship… Continue Reading

The Free Library by Farlex

34,746,903 articles and books – “Since 2003, The Free Library has offered free, full-text versions of classic literary works from hundreds of celebrated authors, whose biographies, images, and famous quotations can also be found on the site. Recently, The Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds of leading… Continue Reading

NYT – The best books of the 21st century

The best books of the 21st century, including “Demon Copperhead,” Robert Caro’s latest and epic works in translation. Today: 80-61. See part one of the article. See also The New Yorker – The Best Books We Read This Week. Our editors and critics choose the most captivating, notable, brilliant, surprising, absorbing, weird, thought-provoking, and talked-about… Continue Reading

The End of Libraries as We Know Them? with Brewster Kahle and Kyle Courtney

The End of Libraries as We Know Them? with Brewster Kahle and Kyle Courtney Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast– Could the future of libraries as we’ve known them be completely different? Our guests this week say so. Megapublishers are suing the Internet Archive, perhaps best known for its Wayback Machine, to redefine… Continue Reading

Making a case for Shakespeare, 400 years after his death

The Economist – The Folger library reopens, with a renewed purpose [unpaywalled]. What is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection doing in Washington, DC? Across the street from the Library of Congress, diagonally opposite to the Supreme Court, sits the Folger Shakespeare Library. At first glance, the large neoclassical block of white marble looks like another… Continue Reading

National Information Standards Controlled Digital Lending Working Group Stalls

Library Futures: “…I am stepping down because I believe that publishers and their affiliated trade associations are more interested in undermining that mission and the NISO process than they are in finding a solution for CDL that respects the rights of libraries, authors, publishers, and readers. The Working Group’s proposed standard, which offers best practice… Continue Reading

Generative AI Resources 2024

Via LLRX – Generative AI Resources 2024 – Referencing an article in this month’s Georgetown Law Technology Review, “…traditional AI algorithms normally operate by carrying out a specific function or completing a task using a data set that contains information on how that function or task has previously been done In other words, traditional AI is… Continue Reading

The Internet is Not Forever, So It’s Time to Preserve What You Can

How to Geek: “Key Takeaways Web content is constantly at risk of being lost; users can help preserve it. Physical media and DRM-free backups are essential for long-term access. Focus on preserving personal favorites and cultural artifacts for future generations. There’s a saying that “the internet never forgets” but that’s just wishful thinking. Storing data… Continue Reading

Internet Archive Lists Banned Books

Metafilter: “included within a recent announcement by the the Internet Archive is a list of banned books. this is a great resource! started reading & only got as far as Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe [gbooks]. there’s apparently also a film. looking forward to exploring further!” Continue Reading