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NYT – Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories

You can whisper the answer if need be (do you still write with pencils?), but I certainly hope you will enjoy this article, which is both an essay accompanied by stunningly beautiful photographs, and a lesson in the art, craft and history of pencil making, by the General Pencil Company of New Jersey. I have dozens of pencils (ok, more than that perhaps – including an array of colors) and rather than tip tap on a screen all day, I still, I will say this “out loud,” write longhand, in cursive script no less (I am assured no one does this anymore but we know this not to be the case), and best of all, I use pencils, with erasers – oh joy – it is true. Please do not stop making pencils or I will have to hoard them, along with dark chocolate (also headed for extinction, but due to “climate change” rather than, why – perhaps fingers in future will no longer be capable of holding a writing instrument – and add the Montblanc pen to the list – it is always with me).

Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World

Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World, an online newsletter published regularly by Library and Archives Canada (LAC), highlights issues pertaining to government and recordkeeping practices in the public and private sectors. January 2018, vol. 5, no. 10. ISSN: 1916-5714 [h/t Library Boy] “Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World, an online newsletter published regularly by Libraryand… Continue Reading

Rebecca B. Rankin: Early Advocate for Public Access to Government Information

NYPR Archives & Preservation: “Rebecca B. Rankin was the Director of the Municipal Reference Library for the City of New York. Her work included the promotion of resources and services of the library to its clients. When budget cuts forced her to curtail the traditional publications used for publicity and outreach, Rankin took the pioneering… Continue Reading

LIS News – Ten Stories That Shaped 2017

LIS NEWS – Can you believe it’s almost 2018? That means it’s time to look back at some of the notable library-related stories from the past year. 10. Librarians Fight Fake News The problems with fake news caused many of us to revamp our web evaluation handouts into guides for spotting bogus information sources. 9.… Continue Reading

OCLC The Realities of Research Data Management

“The Realities of Research Data Management is a four-part series that explores how research universities are addressing the challenge of managing research data throughout the research lifecycle. In this series, we examine the context, influences, and choices higher education institutions face in building or acquiring RDM capacity—in other words, the infrastructure, services, and other resources… Continue Reading

What Can Be Done to Protect Endangered Government Data?

“The federal government has made significant strides towards making vast amounts of government data freely available to the public, and businesses, researchers, civil society groups, journalists, and many others have put open data to good use. However, recent events suggest that some open government data may be at risk. For example, in February 2017, the… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – The State of Law Library eBooks 2017-18 Part Three: What Law Libraries are Doing

Via LLRX – The State of Law Library eBooks 2017-18 Part Three: What Law Libraries are Doing – In the third installment of her series, Ellyssa Kroski discusses the hybrid model at NYLI and how her team is utilizing aggregators and individual publisher platforms as well as subscription models and patron-driven acquisitions to create the… Continue Reading

W3C study on Web data standardization

“The Web has had a huge impact on how we exchange and access information. The Web of data is growing rapidly, and interoperability depends upon the availability of open standards, whether intended for interchange within small communities, or for use on a global scale. W3C is pleased to release a W3C study on practices and… Continue Reading

Guardian – American reams: why a ‘paperless world’ still hasn’t happened

We have been told the paperless office is coming – for decades. I have seen examples of individual offices in various work places whose occupants contend that, “no paper means I am doing my job efficiently.” Really! I have a 20 year old photo that I refer to, for both a chuckle and to illustrate… Continue Reading

Tiflolibros is the first digital library for the Spanish-speaking blind

“Tiflolibros is the first digital library for the Spanish-speaking blind. Created in 1999 by a group of blind friends that wanted to exchange their digital books in order to widen their access to culture and education, Tiflolibros has grown to have more than 48.000 books in Spanish available for more than 7.000 members with blindness… Continue Reading

The Extinction of Libraries: Why the Predictions aren’t Coming True

An idea to kick off 2018 – think of each librarian (this includes all relevant job titles) to be in essence, a living breathing library. The wide ranging expertise of each librarian engages and employs skills that include communications, marketing, research, technology innovations, teaching, training, knowledge discovery, building communities (including those of best practice), ensuring… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Legislation Alert: Worrisome Changes to Government Publications Are Possible

Via LLRX – Legislation Alert: Worrisome Changes to Government Publications Are Possible Peggy Roebuck Jarrett writes about an issue that is significant to law librarians, federal documents librarians, and to the public. The subject is a draft House bill that proposes “to amend title 44, United States Code, to reform the organization, authorities, and programs… Continue Reading