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Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

The New York Times: “…When Facebook users learned last spring that the company had compromised their privacy in its rush to expand, allowing access to the personal information of tens of millions of people to a political data firm linked to President Trump, Facebook sought to deflect blame and mask the extent of the problem.And when that failed — as the company’s stock price plummeted and it faced a consumer backlash — Facebook went on the attack…

This account of how Mr. Zuckerberg and Ms. Sandberg navigated Facebook’s cascading crises, much of which has not been previously reported, is based on interviews with more than 50 people. They include current and former Facebook executives and other employees, lawmakers and government officials, lobbyists and congressional staff members. Most spoke on the condition of anonymity because they had signed confidentiality agreements, were not authorized to speak to reporters or feared retaliation.

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  • See also Axios – Zuckerberg responds to criticism after major New York Times story – “Speaking to reporters Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he didn’t know about Facebook’s relationship with a Washington-based opposition research firm that The New York Times reported Facebook was working with and that those DC-based opposition research tactics are “not the kind of thing we want to be involved with here.”
  • See also – Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will create oversight board to moderate content – “Facebook will create an independent governing body to monitor content on the social network, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said after a scathing New York Times article.”

Shop Safe This Holiday Season

Mozila: “Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands. Great gifts—unless they spy on you. We created this guide to help you buy safe, secure products this holiday season.” Continue Reading

Holochain – energy efficient post-blockchain ledger system and decentralized application platform

Joe Hodnick – “Holochain is a protocol for encrypted computer communications that is designed to run entirely on distributed networks of home computers and smartphones, on a peer-to-peer, give-and-take basis. Because apps built using the holochain protocol will live exclusively on distributed networks of consumer-owned computers, these apps won’t need to interact with corporate server… Continue Reading

Google, Facebook, and Amazon benefit from an outdated definition of “monopoly”

Quartz: “…big tech companies have amassed so much power that even Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for stricter regulations to be placed on them. Google owns 92% market share of internet searches, Facebook an almost 70% share of social networks. Both have a duopoly in advertising with no credible competition or regulation. Amazon, meanwhile,… Continue Reading

Treasures from NYT photo archive

“This portfolio is the first publication from Past Tense, an archival storytelling project of The New York Times. As we digitize some six million photo prints in our files, dating back more than 100 years, we are using those images to bring the events and characters of the past to life in the present. To… Continue Reading

Google outage pushed traffic through Russia, China and Nigeria

CNet – Traffic got rerouted Monday through ISPs in countries known for internet surveillance. “Google suffered a brief outage and slowdown on Monday, with some of its traffic being rerouted through networks in Russia, China and Nigeria. Incorrect routing instructions sent some of the search giant’s traffic to Russian network operator TransTelekom, China Telecom and… Continue Reading

We should all worry about corporate control of data

The Next Web: “The information age has delivered innumerable wonders to us and continues to churn out astonishing innovations on a daily basis. The only reason that contemporary society enjoys such awesome technology and progress these days is that we can gleam so much insight from our data, particularly when we combine disparate datasets together… Continue Reading

Rethinking Crime Photography and the Rights of Nonviolent Offenders

Hyperallergic – Thanks to the internet’s meticulous record-keeping, journalists are rethinking to ethics of publishing the identities of nonviolent criminals. “How long must someone pay for a mistake? The online publication of mugshots and police blotters takes an outsized toll on minority communities, which are already subjected to disproportionately aggressive police surveillance. According to the NAACP’s… Continue Reading

Why Social Media’s Misinformation Problem Will Never Be Fixed

Slate – Facebook and others have gotten more serious about hoaxes, hate speech, propaganda, and foreign election interference. Here’s how it helped in the midterms—and why they aren’t going away. “At first grimace, the role of social media in the 2018 U.S. midterm elections looked a lot like the role it played in the 2016,… Continue Reading

Public-Interest Technology Resources

Public-Interest Technology Resources Maintained by Bruce Schneier. “As technology—especially computer, information, and Internet technology—permeates all aspects of our society, people who understand that technology need to be part of public-policy discussions. We need technologists who work in the public interest. We need public-interest technologists. Public-interest technologists are a diverse and interdisciplinary group of people. Their… Continue Reading

Are Newspapers Heading Towards Post-Print Obscurity?

Thurman, Neil J. and Fletcher, Richard, Are Newspapers Heading Towards Post-Print Obscurity? A Case Study of the Independent’s Transition to Online-Only (2018). Digital Journalism, doi: 10.1080/21670811.2018.1504625. Available at SSRN: [h/t Joe Hodnicki] “With print circulations in decline and the print advertising market shrinking, newspapers in many countries are under pressure. Some — like Finland’s… Continue Reading

When was a word first used in print?

Merriam Webster Time Traveler – “When was a word first used in print? You may be surprised! Enter a date below to see the words first recorded on that year. To learn more about First Known Use dates, click here.” Continue Reading