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Il rastrellamento del ghetto di Roma, una vergogna da imprimere nella memoria

On this day in history, I honor the memory of those who did not return…and all the survivors who now comprise several generations of my extended family around the world.

LinkIesta: “Un ricordo personale. Nei giorni precedenti alla deportazione del 16 ottobre 1943 gli ebrei romani erano stati avvertiti che stava per succedere qualcosa di terribile, ma non vi prestarono attenzione. Perché la violenza umana, spesso, è qualcosa a cui non vogliamo credere..

…All’alba del 16 ottobre, cento SS circondano il Ghetto e iniziano il rastrellamento. I passanti guardano attoniti le SS che portano via tutti: donne, vecchi, bambini, neonati, e continuano a guardare, anche una volta allontanati, imbambolati, turbati, forse alcuni contenti come quei testimoni, quando assistono convinti della giusta esecuzione di un gruppo di condannati…

Erano 1023 persone, messe su dei camion e portati a via della Lungara per due giorni. Il convoglio, partirà infatti alle 14.05 di lunedì 18 ottobre per Auschwitz, giungendo al campo alle ore 23.00 del 22 ottobre. Ma i deportati rimasero chiusi nei vagoni sino all’alba. Un certo Lazzaro Sonnino, era riuscito a fuggire, gettandosi dal convoglio in movimento, all’altezza di Padova. 820 di loro furono immediatamente portati nelle camere a gas. Dei 1023 tornarono in Italia solo 15 uomini e 1 donna.”

USDA’s enforcement of animal welfare laws plummeted in 2018

Washington Post: “Two years ago, the Agriculture Department issued 192 written warnings to breeders, exhibitors and research labs that allegedly violated animal welfare laws, and the agency filed official complaints against 23, according to agency data. This year, those figures plummeted: The department had issued 39 warnings in the first three-quarters of fiscal 2018, and… Continue Reading

FOIA Suits Filed by Nonprofit/Advocacy Groups Double Under Trump

“Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suits filed by nonprofit and advocacy organizations seeking access to federal government records have more than doubled since President Trump assumed office. This sudden burst in FOIA activity is a marked departure from the slower rise that had prevailed during much of the previous two presidential administrations. In FY 2001,… Continue Reading

Felony Disenfranchisement Reforms in 23 States Restored Voting Rights to 1.4 Million People

Sentencing Project: “As Florida voters consider an Election Day initiative to end the state’s lifetime ban on voting for citizens with a felony record, a new report from The Sentencing Project finds that since 1997 changes to state felony disenfranchisement laws across the country have restored voting rights to 1.4 million people. Expanding the Vote:… Continue Reading

Records Show DHS Ignored Privacy, First Amendment Threats of Media Monitoring Program

“EPIC has obtained records concerning “Media Monitoring Services,” a controversial DHS project to track journalists, news outlets, and social media accounts. The records, released in EPIC’s FOIA lawsuit against the federal agency, reveal that the DHS bypassed the agency’s own privacy officials and ignored the privacy and First Amendment implications of monitoring the coverage by… Continue Reading

States With Online Voter Registration

ACLU: “Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the fundamental right that underpins all our civil liberties. That’s why it is so important to advance reforms to ensure that all eligible U.S. citizens who want to cast a ballot and participate in our elections are able to do so. One of the measures that… Continue Reading

From Canada to Argentina, Security Researchers Have Rights—Our New Report

“EFF is introducing a new Coders’ Rights project to connect the work of security research with the fundamental rights of its practitioners throughout the Americas. The project seeks to support the right of free expression that lies at the heart of researchers’ creations and use of computer code to examine computer systems, and relay their… Continue Reading

Political Lawyering for the 21st Century

Archer, Deborah N., Political Lawyering for the 21st Century (April 18, 2018). Denver Law Review (Forthcoming). Available at SSRN: or “Legal education purports to prepare the next generation of lawyers capable of tackling the urgent and complex social justice challenges of our time. But law schools are failing in that public promise. Clinical… Continue Reading

After a year of MeToo, American opinion has shifted

The Economist – After a year of #MeToo, American opinion has shifted against victims – Survey respondents have become more sceptical about sexual harassment: “… #MeToo…resonated most on social media, as millions of women shared their experiences of abuse, intimidation and discrimination. In the past 12 months, the hashtag has been tweeted 18m times according… Continue Reading

How data helped visualize the family separation crisis

“Early this summer, at the height of the family separation crisis – where children were being forcibly separated from their parents at our nation’s border – a team of scholars pooled their skills to address the issue. The group of researchers – from a variety of humanities departments at multiple universities – spent a week… Continue Reading

How the Marshall Project visualized racial inequities in New York City subway policing

“Last month, The Marshall Project published a piece about arrests for subway turnstile jumping in New York City by interactive reporter Anna Flagg and former reporting intern Ashley Nerbovig. They found that, while the number of arrests for turnstile jumping has fallen since 2014, the racial makeup of those arrested has remained steady. This year,… Continue Reading

Powerful Women Talk About Power (And Powerlessness)

Cover – New York Magazine: “Women and Power is divided into four chapters that will be published throughout the week. The full list of stories is available here — links will be added as new chapters are published.” CHAPTER 1: NOW Anita Hill Won, Even Though She Lost Lena Waithe Took the Emmy and Ran… Continue Reading