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The Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report 2022

“How much does attitude impact behaviour — and increase cyber security risk? To answer that question and more, CybSafe and the National Cybersecurity Alliance have partnered to produce the (first of its kind) Oh Behave! The Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report 2022. Download it now for in-depth analysis you can act on to build awareness, influence behaviour and reduce people-related cyber security incidents.”

Cyber Expo: “The human aspect of cybersecurity is widely recognized as a critical component of cyber resilience and risk reduction. However, one of the least understood areas is that of security behaviours and attitudes. Specifically, the gap or disconnect between knowledge and action. The National Cybersecurity Alliance and CybSafe have formed a multi-year research partnership to better understand and share insight into user security attitudes and behaviours. During Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 the National Cybersecurity Alliance and CybSafe will release the second annual Cybersecurity Attitudes & Behaviors Report. This research report series is the first of its kind and seeks to examine cybersecurity attitudes and behaviours of the general public (including the those in the workforce), shedding light on one of the most important aspects of cyber risk – the human factor. This presentation will provide a sneak peek into key insights from the report’s findings, and will explore how this body of research supports a targeted approach to human cyber risk management.”

Is This the Beginning of the End of the Internet?

The Atlantic: “Occasionally, something happens that is so blatantly and obviously misguided that trying to explain it rationally makes you sound ridiculous. Such is the case with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’s recent ruling in NetChoice v. Paxton. Earlier this month, the court upheld a preposterous Texas law stating that online platforms with more… Continue Reading

AI can now create any image in seconds, bringing wonder and danger

Washington Post: “Since the research lab OpenAI debuted the latest version of DALL-E in April, the AI has dazzled the public, attracting digital artists, graphic designers, early adopters, and anyone in search of online distraction. The ability to create original, sometimes accurate, and occasionally inspired images from any spur-of-the-moment phrase, like a conversational Photoshop, has… Continue Reading

Useless Meetings Waste Time and $100 Million a Year for Big Companies

Bloomberg [read free]: “Unnecessary meetings are a $100 million mistake at big companies, according to a new survey that shows workers probably don’t need to be in nearly a third of the appointments they attend. The survey, conducted over the summer by Steven Rogelberg, a professor of organizational science, psychology and management at the University of… Continue Reading

Google is making it easier to find search results from Reddit and other forums

Engadget: “Google is making it easier to find search results from Reddit and other forum sites. The search engine is adding a new module that will surface discussions happening on forums across the web for queries that may benefit from crowd-sourced answers. The “discussions and forums” module will surface relevant posts from sites like Reddit… Continue Reading

How to Search Open Page Tabs in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Make Use Of: “Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla have improved tab management features in recent years. Users have relied heavily on tab management extensions in the past. So, it’s reassuring to see that Chrome, Firefox, and Edge now have built-in tab search features. Tab search boxes are undoubtedly useful when you’ve got a multitude of pages… Continue Reading

ABA survey: Most lawyers want options for remote work, court and conferences

“A new national survey sponsored by the American Bar Association shows most lawyers want the option to work from home, including the opportunity to attend many court hearings, meetings, conferences and legal training sessions remotely. The survey focuses on hybrid and remote work; mobility of lawyers; stress and burnout; diversity, equity and inclusion; use of… Continue Reading

The Un-Modeled World: Law and the Limits of Machine Learning

Fagan, Frank, The Un-Modeled World: Law and the Limits of Machine Learning (August 13, 2022). MIT Computational Law Report, Vol. 4 (Forthcoming 2022), Available at SSRN: or “There is today a pervasive concern that humans will not be able to keep up with accelerating technological process in law and will become objects of… Continue Reading

US politicians tweet far more misinformation than those in the UK and Germany

The Conversation: “Politicians from mainstream parties in the UK and Germany post far fewer links to untrustworthy websites on Twitter and this has remained constant since 2016, according to our new research. By contrast, US politicians posted a much higher percentage of untrustworthy content in their tweets, and that share has been increasing steeply since… Continue Reading

Awesome Archives

Awesome Archives on Tumblr: “A celebration of archives, archival material, and the amazing history that they protect. Expect to see a lot of strange historical finds, unique materials, and archives in the news. I throw up 5 posts a day….Sometimes I’m looking for something online – often “how to” articles – and I want to… Continue Reading