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Financial Sources on the Internet 2020

Via LLRXFinancial Sources on the Internet 2020 – This is Marcus Zillman’s selective and wide ranging guide to mostly free financial, market, benchmarking, data and knowledge discovery resources on the internet. The guide is especially useful during this time of financial tumult, and will be updated in future as we continue to experience financial volatility around the world. The information covered includes: news, corporate, academic, public/private, scholarly and government sites and services respective to four sections – Corporate Conference Calls Resources, Financial Sources, Financial Sources Search Engines, and Selected Venture Capital Sources.

COVID-19 Pushed Legal Toward Tech, Remote Work. There May Be No Going Back – “Remote work and the move toward more workflow automation could be sticking around as firms continue to cut overhead and bolster efficiency in an increasingly competitive market. The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere in sight yet, but it’s already becoming evident that there could be some lasting repercussions for the legal… Continue Reading

CFOs looking to make remote work, telecommuting more permanent following COVID-19

ZDNet – Gartner Survey – The move to remote work may be a bit more permanent than many managers and employees realize. “The new normal telecommuting may be a bit more permanent than realized, as 74% of CFOs say they expect to move previously on-site employees remote post-COVID-19, according to a Gartner survey. The survey,… Continue Reading

Breaking News: Drafting Client Alerts to Prepare for Practice

Silver, Cecilia, Breaking News: Drafting Client Alerts to Prepare for Practice (February 28, 2020). Vol. 27, No. 2 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing (Fall 2019). Available at SSRN: “Drafting engaging client alerts is a newsworthy addition to the first-year legal writing curriculum. While client alerts fulfill an important marketing function for employers, they… Continue Reading

Business Continuity and Remote Working Resources For Law Firms

mycase – Nicole Black – “As the weeks pass and it becomes clear that remote working is becoming the new norm, many law firm leaders are beginning to establish business plans that will allow their firms to survive and thrive as we move forward. A successful plan will address both business continuity issues and put… Continue Reading

Economic Resilience for Law Firms: How To Thrive During Challenging Times

mycase – Nicole Black – “Over the past two weeks, the world as we know it has been turned upside down. Schools across the country have closed, many businesses have been forced to shut their doors for the time being, and the vast majority of federal and state court proceedings have been canceled until further notice.… Continue Reading

Government secrecy is growing during the coronavirus pandemic

The Conversation: “Students at the University of Florida who want to know how they are being protected from the COVID-19 pandemic can’t find out. The university is hiding its emergency response plan under a legal loophole intended to keep terrorists and enemy combatants – not viruses – from exploiting government weaknesses. Since the spread of… Continue Reading

Trade Adviser Warned White House in January of Risks of a Pandemic

The New York Times – “A top White House adviser starkly warned Trump administration officials in late January that the coronavirus crisis could cost the United States trillions of dollars and put millions of Americans at risk of illness or death. The warning, written in a memo by Peter Navarro, President Trump’s trade adviser, is… Continue Reading

COVID-19, Copyright and Library Superpowers

Via LLRX – COVID-19, Copyright and Library Superpowers, Part 1 – If you work in any of the higher ed institutions that are preparing to move online – maybe your copyright world has exploded in a range of questions on fair use, e-reserves, online access, scanning, digitization, and more! Many in the library community are… Continue Reading