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Quickly Understand Complicated Ballot Initiatives in Your State Using This Site

lifehacker: “If the past few years have taught us as a nation nothing, it’s that we all should not only vote, but be informed about what we’re voting about. With all the information out there, figuring out what every item on the ballot means can be a daunting proposition. Vote Save America has created explainers on ballot initiatives on every state which can potentially make that research a tiny bit easier. To check out the ones in your area you just go to the site and enter your address. If you’re a complete newbie to politics, the site will briefly explain what each position people are running for actually does as well. For instance, here’s an explanation for the U.S. House of Representatives…

Where the site really shines is with the ballot initiatives. We have 12 of them on the ballot in California in November covering everything from housing programs to daylight savings time. For each measure, the site gives you a “deep dive” which is actually just a few paragraphs on what the measure actually is and then explains who supports it as well as who opposes it. It also spells out in super simple terms what your yes or no vote means…”


Trump Administration Reform and Reorganization Plan: Discussion of 35 “Government-Wide” Proposals

Trump Administration Reform and Reorganization Plan: Discussion of 35 “Government-Wide” Proposals, CRS memorandum, July 25, 2018. “This memorandum provides a brief summary and some preliminary analysis of the Donald J. Trump Administration’s recent proposals to restructure and reform agencies, programs, and operations in the executive branch. Specifically, the memorandum covers the 32 proposals characterized by the… Continue Reading

After a year of MeToo, American opinion has shifted

The Economist – After a year of #MeToo, American opinion has shifted against victims – Survey respondents have become more sceptical about sexual harassment: “… #MeToo…resonated most on social media, as millions of women shared their experiences of abuse, intimidation and discrimination. In the past 12 months, the hashtag has been tweeted 18m times according… Continue Reading

Social Media Adoption by Members of Congress: Trends and Congressional Considerations

Social Media Adoption by Members of Congress: Trends and Congressional Considerations, Updated October 9, 2018. “Communication between Members of Congress and their constituents has changed with the development of online social networking services. Many Members now use email, official websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to communicate—technologies that were nonexistent… Continue Reading

USAFacts Voter Center

“USAFacts Voter Center is a tool where voters can see congressional candidates in their districts, learn about their positions on important issues, and see data about the issues being debated. Learn more about where our data comes from, how we gather stances, and our methodology.“ Continue Reading

What’s new to in October?

In Custodia Legis: “For this release the Enhancements include: Enhancement – Advanced Legislation Search – Committee selection pages list all names When you choose all Congresses on the Advanced Legislation Search, the committee selection pages show committee name changes. Enhancement – Search Results Navigation – Page through all amendments for a specific bill From the Amendments tab… Continue Reading

Pew – Women and Leadership 2018

“Two years after Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major U.S. political party, and with a record number of women running for Congress in 2018, a majority of Americans say they would like to see more women in top leadership positions – not only in politics, but also… Continue Reading

POLITICO seeking to identify and trace origins of political disinformation and debunk it “The term “fake news” has become a cudgel for political leaders trying to discredit reporting, but disinformation – false content created explicitly to deceive or misinform – runs rampant online. Just last week, a study out of George Washington University found that a vast majority of Twitter accounts that spread disinformation in 2016 remained… Continue Reading

Interruptions at Supreme Court confirmation hearings have been rising since the 1980s

The Conversation: “Depending on who you ask, the American people saw very different things in the riveting testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. To some, Kavanaugh’s behavior was the self-indulgent temper tantrum of an angry and entitled man. To others, it was the understandable – even laudable – reaction… Continue Reading

Membership of the 115th Congress: A Profile Membership of the 115th Congress: A Profile, October 1, 2018 “This report presents a profile of the membership of the 115th Congress (2017-2018) as of October 1, 2018. Statistical information is included on selected characteristics of Members, including data on party affiliation, average age, occupation, education, length of congressional service, religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity,… Continue Reading

District Court Says Members of Congress Have Standing to Sue President for Emoluments Violations

Constitutional Law Prof Blog [h/t Joe Hodnicki]: “Judge Emmet G. Sullivan (D.D.C.) ruled today in Blumenthal v. Trump that members of Congress have standing to sue President Trump for violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause. At the same time, Judge Sullivan declined to rule on the President’s other three arguments for dismissal–that the plaintiffs lack… Continue Reading

Leadership in the Storm: How Four U.S. Presidents Handled Turmoil

[email protected] – Leadership in the Storm: How Four U.S. Presidents Handled Turmoil “When presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin began working five years ago on her newest book, Leadership in Turbulent Times, she didn’t know how apropos it would be to today’s political climate. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author profiled four presidents — Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin… Continue Reading