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The Richest Law Firms Are Hiring More Partners After Record 2020

Bloomberg Law: “Welcome back to the Big Law Business column on the changing legal marketplace written by me, Roy Strom. This week, we look at how the richest firms are bulking up their hiring strategies after a record year. Sign up to receive this column in your inbox on Thursday mornings. It was mid-August when I wrote there would be increased lateral hiring by the richest firms this year. That’s when the wealthiest firms had begun to separate themselves financially from their peers, and the theory was that they would use their outsized profits to invest in talent. It’s only February, but so far, well, that is exactly what is happening in a surging lateral market. Through Feb. 16, there have been 209 lateral partner hires made by firms in the AmLaw 100, 15% more than the 182 this group hired in the same period last year, according to data from Leopard Solutions. Crucially, though, the richest firms have seen the biggest surge in activity. The top 10 firms ranked by profits per equity partner in the American Lawyer’s latest available rankings made 15 hires through mid-February this year compared to just four during the early weeks of 2020. The top 50 firms by PPP have hired 67 partners so far this year, compared to 36 during the same period last year…”

Political Polarization: Challenges, Opportunities, and Hope for Consumer Welfare

Journal of Public Policy and Marketing [paywall] EXPRESS: Political Polarization: Challenges, Opportunities, and Hope for Consumer Welfare, Marketers, and Public Policy Show. T.J. Weber, Chris Hydock, William Ding. First Published January 12, 2021. “Political polarization is a marked political division in the population, characterized by multiple manifestations. We argue that it can impact consumer psychology,… Continue Reading

Emerging Roles for Libraries in Bibliometric and Research Impact Analysis

Hanging Together – the OCLC Research Blog: Lessons Learned from the University of Waterloo – “Library support for bibliometrics and research impact (BRI) analysis is a growing area of library investment and service. Not just in the provision of services to researchers, but for the institutions themselves, which increasingly need to quantify research impact for… Continue Reading

Keynote: AI Transformation – Competing in the Age of AI #KMWorld

Via LLRX – Keynote: AI Transformation – Competing in the Age of AI #KMWorld – Knowledge sharing, social media and knowledge management expert V. Mary Abraham shares her readout and impressions of this timely and impactful keynote presented by Marco Iansiti, Harvard Business School Professor of Business Administration, and Coauthor of Competing in the Age… Continue Reading

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story – 7 Inventive Ways

Bulkly – “There’s no way you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories; easily one of the biggest social media features in the world for both personal and social users and businesses alike. With the average Instagram user now using the IG app for an extra ten minutes, on average, since the introduction of the feature, this… Continue Reading

Do your neighbors want to get vaccinated?

MIT Technology Review: “As the coronavirus vaccines have rolled out across the US, the process has been confusing and disastrous. States, left by the federal government to fend for themselves, have struggled to get a handle on the logistics of distribution. Many, including Georgia, Virginia, and California, have fallen woefully behind schedule. But even if… Continue Reading

This is how America gets its vaccines

MIT Technology Review: The Biden administration has inherited a web of tech systems and policies that it must navigate to meet its goal of administering 100 million doses in the first 100 days. After just a week in office, the Biden administration is already under immense public pressure to fix America’s mangled vaccine rollout. Operation… Continue Reading

Google launches Question Hub for US publishers

Search Engine Land:  “Google Question Hub, accessible at, is now open for US-based publishers to sign up for. In 2018, Google launched Question Hub in regions where the company found it did not have enough content in its search index to answer searchers’ questions. Google then started showing this box to searchers last year… Continue Reading