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OpenAI shows off life-like videos made with AI

OpenAI – “Creating video from text. Sora is an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. Read the Technical Report – Video generation models as world simulators. We explore large-scale training of generative models on video data. Specifically, we train text-conditional diffusion models jointly on videos and images of variable durations, resolutions and aspect ratios. We leverage a transformer architecture that operates on spacetime patches of video and image latent codes. Our largest model, Sora, is capable of generating a minute of high fidelity video. Our results suggest that scaling video generation models is a promising path towards building general purpose simulators of the physical world.”

Washington Post [read free] – The new tool, called ‘Sora,’ further raises concerns about deep fakes as AI shows up in elections around the world. Artificial intelligence company OpenAI showed off a new AI tool that can generate highly realistic 60-second videos based off a simple text prompt, a jump forward in quality for AI videos and “deepfakes” that have already been used to deceive voters. The new tool, called “Sora,” will initially only be available to a small group of artists and filmmakers as well as “red teamers,” or researchers who try to find ways that an AI tool can be used for malicious purposes, OpenAI said in an announcement Thursday. Sora builds on the tech behind OpenAI’s image-generating DALL-E tool. It interprets a user’s prompt, expanding it into a more detailed set of instructions, and then uses an AI model trained on video and images to create the new video. The quality of AI-generated images, audio and video has rapidly increased over the past year, with companies like OpenAI, Google, Meta and Stable Diffusion racing to make more capable tools and find ways to sell them. At the same time, democracy advocates and AI researchers have warned that the tools are already being used to trick and lie to voters. This isn’t the first time such videos or audio have been created and other companies have built their own text-to-video AI generators. Google is testing one called Lumiere, Meta has a model called Emu, and AI start-up Runway has already been building products to help filmmakers create videos. But AI experts and analysts said the length and quality of the Sora videos went beyond what has been seen up to now…”

Better Call GPT, Comparing Large Language Models Against Lawyers

ArXiv – Lauren Martin, Nick Whitehouse, Stephanie Yiu, Lizzie Catterson, Rivindu Perera. 2024. Better Call GPT, Comparing Large Language Models Against Lawyers. 1, 1 (January 2024), 16 pages. “This paper presents a groundbreaking comparison between Large Language Models (LLMs) and traditional legal contract reviewers—Junior Lawyers and Legal Process Outsourcers (LPOs). We dissect whether LLMs… Continue Reading

Book Review: Transformative Negotiation Strategies for Everyday Change and Equitable Futures

Via LLRX – Book Review: Transformative Negotiation Strategies for Everyday Change and Equitable Futures – Jerry Lawson writes – So you think you know how to negotiate? You’ve done some deals, maybe a lot, maybe some for big bucks. Maybe attended some classes. Maybe read some books. Surely you can’t have all that much left to… Continue Reading

The 2024 ‘Burning Issues’ Confronting Firm Leaders

Via LLRX – The 2024 ‘Burning Issues’ Confronting Firm Leaders – At the end of December 2023, Patrick J, Mckeena and Michael B. Rynowecer presented 200 Firm Leaders with a selection of over 40 timely and potential ‘Burning Issues’ – and asked of them “what do you anticipate as the highest priorities occupying your leadership agenda going… Continue Reading

Each Facebook User is Monitored by Thousands of Companies

Via LLRX – Each Facebook User is Monitored by Thousands of Companies – By now most internet users know their online activity is constantly tracked. No one should be shocked to see ads for items they previously searched for, or to be asked if their data can be shared with an unknown number of “partners.” But… Continue Reading

Paying for news: What Google and Meta owe publishers

Vox EU CEPR: “…Our new research calculates what Meta and Google would owe US publishers under a fair payment for the use of their content, and we provide the methodology for calculating these payments so that others can replicate our work. We (conservatively) estimate that Facebook should provide an annual compensation of US$1.9 billion to… Continue Reading

Inside a Global Phone Spy Tool Monitoring Billions

404 Media: “Hundreds of thousands of ordinary apps, including popular ones such as 9gag, Kik, and a series of caller ID apps, are part of a global surveillance capability that starts with ads inside each app, and ends with the apps’ users being swept up into a powerful mass monitoring tool advertised to national security… Continue Reading

9 strategies for removing negative content from the web

Search Engine Land – “The repercussions of negative, false and defamatory content on the web are profound for businesses and individuals, especially when it ranks highly on Google. This article explores nine of the most effective and commonly used strategies for removing negative content from the web. The effectiveness of these methods can vary due to… Continue Reading

World scientists’ warning: The behavioural crisis driving ecological overshoot

Merz JJ, Barnard P, Rees WE, et al. World scientists’ warning: The behavioural crisis driving ecological overshoot. Science Progress. 2023;106(3). doi:10.1177/00368504231201372 “Previously, anthropogenic ecological overshoot has been identified as a fundamental cause of the myriad symptoms we see around the globe today from biodiversity loss and ocean acidification to the disturbing rise in novel entities… Continue Reading

What Happened to My Search Engine?

Ted Gioia – Or why tech upgrades are now mostly downgrades: “…Here are the things missing from the original search engines. They didn’t practice 24/7 surveillance of users. They didn’t sell user’s private information. They didn’t fill up search results with garbage in order to collect placement fees. They didn’t manipulate users—prodding them to use… Continue Reading

2024 Report on the State of the US Legal Market

“Thomson Reuters, a global content and technology company, and the Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession at Georgetown Law today released the 2024 Report on the State of the US Legal Market. The report notes fundamental shifts in the market threaten to upend traditional law firm business models, even as the law firm market… Continue Reading