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Report – world has become more “permissionless” because of the diminished power of traditional gatekeepers

Via Axios – PERMISSIONLESS: What It Means, How It Happened, Will it Last: “While the Internet revolution enabled “permissionless” business models in finance, entertainment & politics, such unregulated disruptors are under growing attack. From the tech sector to the White House, many object to the divisions these new actors exacerbate or the externalities they often fail to address. Efforts to reign them in marked 2018 and may define 2019. Permissionlessness may be the ultimate form of capitalism, the free-est of free markets. But as with capitalism itself, there are mounting calls for new guardrails, gatekeepers or even systemic reform.” Mehlman, a partner at one of Washington’s major lobbying firms, produces quarterly reports about the political climate. In a new 35-slide PowerPoint deck, he argues that the world has become more “permissionless” because of the diminished power of traditional gatekeepers, the information technology revolution and the broad dissatisfaction with the pace of change.

  • “The tools of the permissionless society are the weapons of choice for both the Too Fast and the Too Slow coalitions,” Mehlman said. “The permissionless world has allowed lots of new solutions that people love. Think about something like Lyft and the good side of social media. So, on one hand, permissionless paths give people a chance to solve problems that weren’t being solved. At the same time, it can also reflect a world where fewer people win, where more people feel excluded and where more people become aware that they’re being excluded.”..

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Reports – Law firms are having the best financial-growth year in about a decade

ABA Journal: “Law firms increased revenues this year, posting gains during the first three quarters that are the best in about a decade, according to two new reports. The numbers differed slightly, but the conclusion was the same: 2018 is shaping up to be a good year, thanks to higher billing rates and higher demand… Continue Reading

Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work in 2019

“Employees have spoken! These are the Best Places to Work in 2019 – did your company make the cut?”  The list this year does not place Facebook, Google, Apple in the top 5 slots, although there is a slim margin between all the top rated companies. In the number one place this year – as… Continue Reading

Top 10 Tips for Solos and Young Lawyers

ABA Journal: Top 10 Tips for Solos In its Briefly Speaking contest in 2018, the ABA asked for its members to offer their words of wisdom to solos. Here are some of our favorite entries, along with the winning advice in the solo lawyers category, by Andrew Clark of Pickerington, Ohio. Top 10 Tips for… Continue Reading

Amazon’s AbeBooks backs down after booksellers stage global protest

The Guardian: “After almost 600 booksellers withdrew 3.5m books from the secondhand marketplace in support of countries dropped by the website, it apologises for a ‘bad decision’. An “extraordinary and unprecedented” global protest from antiquarian booksellers has forced the Amazon-owned secondhand marketplace AbeBooks to backtrack on its decision to pull out of several countries. AbeBooks… Continue Reading

The 2018 Legal Trends Report

Above the Law – “Key data reveals the state of the legal profession. What is the Legal Trends Report and how can this report help law firms better their practice? In this On the Road report from the Clio Cloud Conference 2018, host Laurence Colletti and I welcome George Psiharis to discuss how much time… Continue Reading

Expert attorneys command 4 figure hourly billing fees

The Business Journals [paywall]: “Boston-based Ropes & Gray partner Douglas Meal, one of the most sought-after data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys in the country, typically charges $1,550 an hour for his services, according to a recent court filing. The filing offers a rare public glimpse into what some of the attorneys at Boston’s largest law… Continue Reading

Law firms can learn from other industries’ missteps on cybersecurity awareness and prevention

ABA Journal – “Equifax. Yahoo. Anthem. Sony. In the past few years, these companies experienced some of the most significant data breaches to date. And all of these companies found themselves subject to intense worldwide media coverage over their failure to secure their information. The industries affected—from health care to entertainment—know all too well that… Continue Reading

Average time to resolve problems three times higher than customers want

This article is of interest for several reasons – human mediated resolution, customer service and research are increasingly targeted to be replaced by various forms of electronic, robotic and AI applications. So the premise of this article, via ZDNet – A recent AI customer experience study shows that, although businesses have invested in AI solutions,… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Book Review of “Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)”

Via LLRX – Book Review of “Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else)” – Advertising is now part of a complex ecosystem that engages a wide range of components, including but not limited to: social media, Big Data, AI, data mining, competitive intelligence, and marketing. Alan Rothman, reveals and explains for… Continue Reading

Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information

Gizmodo: “…One of the many ways that ads get in front of your eyeballs on Facebook and Instagram is that the social networking giant lets an advertiser upload a list of phone numbers or email addresses it has on file; it will then put an ad in front of accounts associated with that contact information.… Continue Reading