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Yet another firm bids farewell to the pre-pandemic status quo

Above the Law: “An excerpt from a memo sent by Katten CEO Noah Heller and firm chairman Roger Furey, regarding the firm’s plans for a return to the office in the wake of the pandemic. Heller and Furey noted that the firm’s policy will provide associates with “the flexibility to continue to balance the demands of [their] professional and personal lives, and it will help us retain and attract the best talent in the industry and position our firm for even more success.”

Client Portals: A Must-Have Service for Today’s Law Firms

Via LLRX – Client Portals: A Must-Have Service for Today’s Law Firms – Jim Calloway is Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program and co-author of the ABA books “How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times” and “Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour: Strategies That Work.” In this article he explains how beyond secure… Continue Reading

Physics explains why there is no information on social media

ZDNet – “Physics dictates machines should minimize entropy, and humans are complying on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Anyone who has watched a dozen videos on TikTok with the same dance moves, or read innumerable tweets with the same canned expressions knows that there’s very little information on social media. That is not an… Continue Reading

Client Portals: A Must-Have Service for Today’s Law Firms

Attorney at Work – By Jim Calloway. “Beyond secure document sharing, client portals for law firms can serve as a “virtual lobby” for clients and potential clients. With businesses and individuals now managing most of their documents digitally, a fundamental question for lawyers going forward is: How do you securely share documents with your clients?… Continue Reading

Survey: 92% Of Firms Say They Were Prepared For Full-Scale Remote Work

LawSites – Bob Ambrogi – “Ninety-two percent of law firms worldwide say they were completely or somewhat prepared for full-scale remote work at the pandemic’s onset, a survey released this morning finds. Even so, most firms plan to increase their budgets for technology and process software and adopt more cloud-based technologies, the survey reports. Published… Continue Reading

The Post-Pandemic Law Practice: What Lawyers Need to Know

Via LLRX – The Post-Pandemic Law Practice: What Lawyers Need to Know – Nicole L. Black’s third article in a series discusses the value of an expansive new report from the ABA, Practicing Law in the Pandemic and Moving Forward: Results and Best Practices from a Nationwide Survey of the Legal Profession. The results cover… Continue Reading

Lawtech: Levelling the Playing Field in Legal Services?

Armour, John and Sako, Mari, Lawtech: Levelling the Playing Field in Legal Services? (April 21, 2021). Available at SSRN: or “The legal services market is commonly thought of as divided into two “hemispheres”– PeopleLaw and BigLaw. These segments represent, respectively, individuals and corporate clients. The last few decades have seen an increasing concentration… Continue Reading

COVID vaccine: What it means if the FDA grants full approval

CNET – Both Pfizer and Moderna are seeking full FDA approval in May – “Companies and schools across the country have been hesitant to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, but that could soon change. Pfizer and BioNTech initiated full approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration on May 7. Currently the… Continue Reading

Review: Own the Map, by Conrad Samm

Via LLRX – Review: Own the Map, by Conrad Samm – Jerry Lawson highly recommends Conrad Saam’s intriguing new book, Own the Map, which encourages lawyers to think about marketing in new and better ways. The author’s primary thesis is that most lawyers should concentrate appealing to potential clients near the lawyer’s location. Saam develops… Continue Reading

Marketing to Internal Clients: How to Engage the “Chair”

Feit Consulting: “With so much uncertainty, one thing is clear: librarians and information specialists will (or should) be ready for it. To be recognized and become a major player in any firm’s changing landscape, one must become a leader in that change. There are many ways to approach this, but this article will address marketing… Continue Reading