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Thomson Reuters brings forward vision to redefine the future of professionals with content-driven AI technology

Thomson Reuters plugin with Microsoft 365 Copilot helps unlock the value of generative AI for legal professionals  a global content and technology company, today brings forward its vision to redefine the future of professionals through generative artificial intelligence (AI). At a time of rapid global innovation, Thomson Reuters is at the forefront, helping its customers unlock the potential to automate workflows, provide powerful insights, and drive efficiencies with content-driven AI technology. Following Thomson Reuters announcement that it intends to invest more than $100 million annually on AI capabilities at its Q1 FY23 results, the company also today announces a new plugin with Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft’s advanced AI experiences across its productivity suite. This integration will bolster efforts for redefined professional work starting with legal research, drafting, and client collaboration.

2023 Enterprise Legal Reputation Report

ONIT – “The Ultimate Guide For Legal Departments to Directly Influence Business Materiality, Growth and Efficiency. The full report has been released, illuminating opportunities for legal departments to elevate their relationships, revolutionize their brand image, and optimize their material impact and growth. How? By becoming more modern, efficient, and interactive business partners, thanks to smarter… Continue Reading

The power of generative ai

The Brainyacts: “I gave Cozen O’Connor a 60 minute executive briefing on generative AI. There were roughly 50 people who participated including the firm CEO, the CEO for the firm’s ancillary businesses, Office managing partners, business and operations leaders, and others. It was well received..I removed some slides that were firm specific and ones that… Continue Reading

The decline of time-based law firms

Jordan Furlong: “Feeling apocalyptic about the impact of legally trained Large Language Models (LLMs) on the future of law firms? No? Allow this excerpt from Corporate Counsel to help you with that. [T]here’s reason to believe a boatload of tasks could be replaced by AI—about 44% of legal tasks within the U.S., according to Goldman Sachs’… Continue Reading

Google Announces 8 New Top Level Domains Including One For Lawyers

Search Engine Journal: “Google announced the release of eight new top level domains (TLDs), including one which may have a high commercial potential for law firms, others that are useful for academics and two top level domains that are based on file extensions, which might be problematic from a security standpoint..” Continue Reading

The Scholarly Fingerprinting Industry

Jefferson Pooley. The Scholarly Fingerprinting Industry Amerikastudien/American Studies 68, no. 1 (2023): 18–21. 18 Amst 68.1 (2023): 5-26 “Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Springer Nature, Wiley, and SAGE: Many researchers know that the five giant firms publish most of the world’s scholarship. Fifty years of acquisitions and journal launches have yielded a stunningly profitable oligopoly,… Continue Reading

GPT-3 Wrote an Entire Paper on Itself. Should Publishers be Concerned?

Via LLRX – GPT-3 Wrote an Entire Paper on Itself. Should Publishers be Concerned? In this article,  Saikiran Chandha, CEO and founder of SciSpace, discusses the impact of GPT-3 and related models on research, the potential question marks, and the steps that scholarly publishers can take to protect their interests. Continue Reading

Choosing Backgrounds for Success: The Role of Videoconference Backgrounds in Self-Presentation

Journal of the Association for Consumer Research Volume 8, Number 2, April 2023 [no fee]  – “Videoconferencing offers firms and employees novel options for self-presentation in the form of onscreen backgrounds. We explore how customer service employees can use videoconference backgrounds to manage customers’ impressions of them and their firm. Four experiments, including a Facebook… Continue Reading

Audiobooks Without Audible: The Hard Lessons I’ve Learned Routing Around Amazon

Publishers Weekly: “With a Kickstarter campaign now underway for the audio edition of his new book, ‘Red Team Blues,’ Cory Doctorow shares the mistakes of his past campaigns—and why it’s all worth it. My next novel is Red Team Blues. It’s a major title for my publisher, Tor (which is part of Macmillan), and the… Continue Reading