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Awesome Privacy Guides

  • Awesome Privacy – List of free, open source and privacy respecting services and alternatives to private services, such as those provided by Google/Alphabet. Anonymity, Privacy, and Security are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent distinct concepts. It is important to understand the differences between them. Read more in this section below.The primary focus of this list is to provide alternatives that prioritize privacy. These alternatives give you control over your data and do not collect or sell it.”
  • Privacy Tools – If you’re looking for a specific solution to something, these are the hardware and software tools we recommend in a variety of categories. Our recommended privacy tools are primarily chosen based on security features, with additional emphasis on decentralized and open-source tools. They are applicable to a variety of threat models ranging from protection against global mass surveillance programs and avoiding big tech companies to mitigating attacks, but only you can determine what will work best for your needs.

Inside Snopes: the rise, fall, and rebirth of an internet icon

Fast Company: “America’s premier fact-checking site was failed by the two men who had charge of it, critics say. As Snopes turns a corner, here’s the tale of what went so right—and so wrong….Snopes predated, created by the Annenberg Public Policy Center in 2003, and, created in 2007 by the Tampa Bay Times—now… Continue Reading

Office of Civil Rights Issues Guidance on HIPAA Compliant Use of Meta Pixels

ABA: “A Meta Pixel is a code embedded in websites that tracks users’ online activities and sends such activities as discrete packets of user data to Meta, the parent company of Facebook. The Meta Pixel can track “users as they navigate through a website, logging which pages they visit, which buttons they click, and certain… Continue Reading

Perplexity search engine

“The next iteration of Perplexity has arrived: Copilot, your interactive AI search companion. Perplexity Copilot guides your search experience with interactive inputs, leading you to a rich, personalized answer, powered by GPT-4. Try it for free at“ Continue Reading

When do your employees need to disclose their use of ChatGPT?

HR Brew: “…As ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies provide a helping hand to employees, HR teams are grappling with policies regarding its use, including disclosure. Some companies have banned or restricted employees from the tech. Others are embracing the possibilities the tech can offer to employee productivity and see it as a tool to… Continue Reading

Test driving Google’s Search Generative Experience

Search Engine Land, Eric Enge: “I’ve had access to Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) for about a week now. I decided to “formally” put it to the test using the same 30 queries from my March mini-study comparing the top generative AI solutions. Those queries were designed to push the limits of each platform.… Continue Reading

Google Search starts rolling out ChatGPT-style generative AI results If you opt-in to generative AI

Google Blog, May 25, 2023 – “3 new ways generative AI can help you search. We’re starting to open up access to new generative AI capabilities in Search. Here are three ways to try it out. Today, we’re starting to open up access to Search Labs, a new program to access early experiments from Google.… Continue Reading

Google Flood Hub is expanding to 80 countries

Google Blog: “Natural disasters, like flooding, are increasing in frequency and intensity due to climate change, threatening people’s safety and livelihood. It’s estimated that flooding affects more than 250 million people globally each year and causes around $10 billion in economic damages. As part of our work to use AI to address the climate crisis,… Continue Reading

We’ve Got Google. So why can’t we find the research that we need?

YouTube video of May 23, 2023 presentation and alternate link: “Content democratization has led to an explosion in research content: hundreds of thousands of high-quality reports, working papers, briefs, and data sets vital to the global research community. But – yes, there is a “but” – this research is tedious and time-consuming to find, buried… Continue Reading

How to be on the lookout for misinformation when using generative AI

Fast Company: “Until very recently, if you wanted to know more about a controversial scientific topic—stem cell research, the safety of nuclear energy, climate change—you probably did a Google search. Presented with multiple sources, you chose what to read, selecting which sites or authorities to trust. Now you have another option: You can pose your… Continue Reading