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Monthly Archives: February 2023

AI-generated content detection tools put to the test

VentureBeat: “OpenAI’s Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT) has been the talk of the town since its launch in November 2022. The AI chatbot had more than a million users in just 4 days and surpassed 100 million active users in just two months — a milestone that took TikTok more than 9 months to reach.  However, its ability to understand the meaning and context of text inputs and provide almost human-like responses has caused consternation in a number of areas and industries in which original human-generated content is valued. This includes education, content marketing, publishing,  journalism and law. Their biggest questions are “How do we distinguish between AI and human-written text?” and “How can we detect AI-generated content?”…

Satellite data: The other type of smartphone data you might not know about

Via LLRX – Satellite data: The other type of smartphone data you might not know about – Subject matter experts Tommy Cooke. Alicia Sabatino, Benjamin Muller and Kirstie Ball used critical code and documentary research methods to identify that raw satellite location measurement data are perpetually created in our devices all the time. Because satellite data… Continue Reading

OpenAI Is Now Everything It Promised Not to Be

Vice – Corporate, Closed-Source, and For-Profit. OpenAI is today unrecognizable, “with multi-billion-dollar deals and corporate partnerships. Will it seek to own its shiny AI future? OpenAI is at the center of a chatbot arms race, with the public release of ChatGPT and a multi-billion-dollar Microsoft partnership spurring Google and Amazon to rush to implement AI… Continue Reading

A Basic iPhone Feature Helps Criminals Steal Your Entire Digital Life

WSJ: “The passcode that unlocks your phone can give thieves access to your money and data; ‘it’s like a treasure box’” Via LinkedIn, Edwin Kwan – “The Wall Street Journal has written an article that will challenge your belief on the security of your digital life. It reports on how a basic iPhone feature can… Continue Reading

On the Evolution of the World’s Oldest Encyclopedia

Literary Hub: “Encyclopedias are not like rose bushes, for which pruning is everything. They are usually the opposite, more like Japanese knotweed, spreading wildly and germinating freely, invasive and persistent in all countries where a foothold is possible.When the second edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica completed its publication in 1784, sixteen years after the first, it… Continue Reading

State Child Privacy Law Update, February 28, 2023

WilmerHale: State Child Privacy Law Update, February 28, 2023: “In addition to the numerous comprehensive privacy laws that have been proposed in at least 20 states thus far in 2023, legislative trends demonstrate an emerging focus on regulations that address specific types of information, including the personal information of children. To date, 19 such proposals… Continue Reading

Domestic Terrorism: Further Actions Needed to Strengthen FBI and DHS Collaboration to Counter Threats

Domestic Terrorism: Further Actions Needed to Strengthen FBI and DHS Collaboration to Counter Threats, GAO-23-104720 Published: Feb 22, 2023. Publicly Released: Feb 28, 2023. “Incidents of domestic terrorism increased by 357% between 2013 and 2021. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are charged with collaborating to prevent domestic threats. Although they work together… Continue Reading

The Future of Human Agency

“Advances in the internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and online applications have allowed humans to vastly expand their capabilities and increase their capacity to tackle complex problems. These advances have given people the ability to instantly access and share knowledge and amplified their personal and collective power to understand and shape their surroundings. Today there is… Continue Reading