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Federal judge temporarily blocks new Texas book-rating law for schools

San Antonio Press News: “A federal judge on Thursday temporarily blocked a new Texas law that would establish a book-rating system and ban or restrict books with sexual content from Texas public schools.  Austin-based Judge Alan D. Albright told lawyers that the state could not enforce the law Friday, when it was planned to take effect, according to a spokesperson for plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit. The judge said he intends to publish a written order in the coming weeks blocking it entirely.  The decision almost certainly will be appealed to the conservative-leaning 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.  The law is designed to ban sexually explicit books from schools and restrict “sexually relevant” books so children can access them only if their parents consent. The burden would fall on booksellers to rate each book that they sell to schools, and stores have warned that the rule could be stifling for their businesses.”

BACKGROUND: Booksellers sue to block new Texas rating system they say could ban classics like ‘Lonesome Dove’

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