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How to Keep Track of Your Reading List With Google Sheets

MakeUseOf: “…The main purpose of your reading list is to give you a quick overview of everything. It helps you identify what you need to read and easily find the information again later when it’s time to study or write about it. That means you’ll need to include some key information for each piece. To begin, add the following column titles across the top of your spreadsheet:

  • Topic or Class—the subject or your class code.
  • Title—the piece’s name.
  • Author—the person who wrote it.
  • Format—the media type.
  • Status—to show your progress.
  • Link / Location—a link to the piece or where to find it.
  • Summary—a short description.
  • Notes—a Google Docs link to your notes—there are many ways to find and share these…”

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