2010 Bundle Report: How America Spends

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on March 24, 2010

“…the first-ever Bundle Report, a breakdown of how America spent for all of 2009. The numbers…show how much the average American household spent last year: $37,782, not counting mortgage or rent (which are not included in the Bundle data). Divided into six categories, that’s 23 percent of their daily budget spent on shopping, 14.5 percent on getting around (gas and auto expenses), 17.5 percent on food and drink, 7 percent on travel and leisure, 17 percent on house- and home-related expenses, and 21 percent on health and family…”

  • One highlight: The 25 top-spending cities in the U.S. (plus: the bottom five)…1. Austin ($67,076)”
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