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Daily Archives: April 16, 2024

Red states threaten librarians with prison as blue states work to protect them

Washington Post [read free]: “…library-friendly measures are being outpaced by bills in mostly red states that aim to restrict which books libraries can offer and threaten librarians with prison or thousands in fines for handing out “obscene” or “harmful” titles. At least 27 states are considering 100 such bills this year, three of which have become law, The Post found. That adds to nearly a dozen similar measures enacted over the last three years across 10 states. Lawmakers proposing restrictive bills contend they are necessary because school and public libraries contain graphic sexual material that should not be available to children. Some books’ “sole purpose is sexual gratification,” said West Virginia Del. Brandon Steele (R), who introduced a bill that would allow librarians to be prosecuted for giving obscene titles to minors….But other lawmakers say bills like Steele’s are ideologically driven censorship dressed up as concern for children. They note that, as book challenges spiked to historic highs over the past two years, the majority of objections targeted books by and about LGBTQ people and people of color…“To attack library books, you’re attacking the ability to learn, grow, think,” said Missouri state Rep. Anthony Ealy (D), who introduced a bill this year to prohibit book bans in public libraries. It “has nothing to do with protecting kids.” Chrastka of EveryLibrary said he fears red and blue parts of America are charting different courses for the future of reading. “I see an emerging divide about the right to read, the right to access stories about people like you, the right to be yourself in the library,” he said. “We do have two Americas settling into place.”

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

The Verge: “…The world’s emails, TikToks, classified memos, bank transfers, satellite surveillance, and FaceTime calls travel on cables that are about as thin as a garden hose. There are about 800,000 miles of these skinny tubes crisscrossing the Earth’s oceans, representing nearly 600 different systems, according to the industry tracking organization TeleGeography. The cables are… Continue Reading

Free guide – Learn how to use ChatGPT

Ben’s Bites – Learn how to use ChatGPT. An introductory overview of ChatGPT, the AI assistant by OpenAI – Designed for absolute beginners, this short course explores in simple terms how AI assistant ChatGPT works and how to get started using it. Through a series of hands-on tutorials, you’ll learn: About this course How the… Continue Reading


FLIM – The search engine for creative people [Free Register] – Our screencaps database gives you access to over 1 094 849 images movies, tv series, documentaries, music videos and ads. We like to keep our stills updated, that’s why we add content every week to give you more content to work with. Flim helps… Continue Reading

How Political Campaigns Use Your Data to Target You

EFF: “Data about potential voters—who they are, where they are, and how to reach them—is an extremely valuable commodity during an election year. And while the right to a secret ballot is a cornerstone of the democratic process, your personal information is gathered, used, and sold along the way. It’s not possible to fully shield… Continue Reading

GPO Makes Available New Statutes at Large Dating Back to 1789

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has added historical volumes of the United States Statutes at Large (Statutes at Large) to GovInfo, the one-stop site for authentic, published information for all three branches of the Federal Government. The newly added Volumes 1–64 (1789–1950) date back to 1789 and include the text of the Declaration of… Continue Reading

Dow Jones Debuts Its Smart Money Financial Literacy Site

“Dow Jones Smart Money is your resource for creating a better financial future. For any age, any experience level, any goal—start building financial knowledge today with smart insights and trusted experience from Dow Jones money experts. We’ll be adding new topics, more videos, free resources and live events here soon, so watch this page for… Continue Reading