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Free Expression on Campus: A Survey of U.S. College Students and U.S. Adults

Report by Gallup, The Knight Foundation and the Newseum Institute: “The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and the right to petition the government without retribution. The ways in which the First Amendment has been interpreted and applied over timeContinue Reading

FOIA Mapper

This tool was developed by Max Galka: “Making a Freedom of Information Request is a burdensome process that may involve days or even weeks of work to identify what records are available and enough information about how they are stored to property phrase the request. Government agencies are required to disclose a list of their “MajorContinue Reading

Map Shows How Apple-FBI Fight Was About Much More Than One Phone

Via ACLU – “The government insisted that its effort to force Apple to help break into an iPhone as part of the investigation into the 2015 San Bernardino shootings was just about that one case. Even though the FBI no longer needs Apple’s help in that case, the FBI’s request was part of a sustainedContinue Reading

ProPublica Campaign Finance API

Derek Willis – ProPublica – “An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a language that two programs can use to communicate and trade data. Programmers can use it to access data from a website or Internet service more easily. We’re assuming responsibility of an API that was previously published by The New York Times. IfContinue Reading

Poynter – 13 of the best open-records stories so far this year

By Kelly Hinchcliffe – March 17, 2016 Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of articles being published by Poynter to commemorate Sunshine Week. View the rest here. In honor of Sunshine Week, I asked fellow journalists on Twitter to share their favorite open government stories from around the country. Here are someContinue Reading

DHS Privacy Office 2015 FOIA Report to AG of US, February 2016

Department of Homeland Security Privacy Office 2015 Freedom of Information Act Report to the Attorney General of the United States, February 2016 “DHS was able to make enormous strides in significantly reducing the backlog despite the fact that DHS consistently receives the largest number of FOIA requests of any federal department or agency in eachContinue Reading

Report tracks status of Open Government Partnership

Civil Society Report on Implementation of the Second US National Action Plan, February 2016: “This report provides an assessment of the progress made on the United States’ Second National Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership (OGP), spanning the period from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015. It encompasses the evaluations from civil societyContinue Reading

Dept. of Energy Notice – Protection of Human Subjects in Classified Research

Via Steven Aftergood – Secrecy News – “The Department of Energy last month issued new guidance on the conduct of classified scientific research involving human subjects. While all human subject research is governed by federal regulations, the new DOE policy imposes several additional requirements whenever such research is to be performed on a classified basis.Continue Reading

Encryption and Evolving Technology: Implications for U.S. Law Enforcement Investigations

Via FAS – CRS Report – Encryption and Evolving Technology: Implications for U.S. Law Enforcement Investigations, Kristin Finklea Specialist in Domestic Security February 18, 2016. “Because modern-day criminals are constantly developing new tools and techniques to facilitate their illicit activities, law enforcement is challenged with leveraging its tools and authorities to keep pace. For instance,Continue Reading

Maps document the full extent of ISIS cultural destruction

Antiquities Coalition – “Mapping threats to cultural heritage in the Middle East and North Africa makes it clear that much of our past, the ‘Cradle of Civilization’, is in imminent danger of destruction. With priceless artifacts and millennia of history lost and imperiled, teams of heritage experts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)Continue Reading

CIA Releases Declassified Documents to National Archives

“Today [February 16, 2016], CIA released about 750,000 pages of declassified intelligence papers, records, research files and other content which are now accessible through CIA’s Records Search Tool (CREST) at the National Archives in College Park, MD. This release will include  nearly 100,000 pages of analytic intelligence publication files, and about 20,000 pages of researchContinue Reading

Report – Global fact-checking up 50% in past year

Duke Reporter’s Lab – By Mark Stencel, February 16, 2016: “The high volume of political truth-twisting is driving demand for political fact-checkers around the world, with the number of fact-checking sites up 50 percent since last year. The Duke Reporters’ Lab annual census of international fact-checking currently counts 96 active projects in 37 countries. That’sContinue Reading