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Shoah Foundation – Over 800 New Indexing Terms to be Added to Visual History Archive Thesaurus

A team of USC Shoah Foundation researchers has identified over 800 new indexing terms that will be added to the Visual History Archive when it undergoes its next big update in the coming weeks. The new terms were generated from approximately 1,250 testimonies from the Institute’s new Holocaust Canadian Collections, the final 88 testimonies from the Armenian Genocide Collection, 25 additional testimonies of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, and the first 10 Guatemalan Genocide testimonies, which will all be added to the Visual History Archive with the next update. Over the past year, a team of indexers has watched each new testimony and used the Institute’s indexing software to assign indexing terms to each minute of the testimony. These terms include names of people, places, historical events, emotions, organizations, and general experiences, such as “hunger” or “hiding.” The Institute’s current thesaurus contains over 63,000 terms, which visitors to the Visual History Archive use to search through the archive’s 53,000 testimonies. Whenever the indexers came across a segment that they felt they could not index with the current choice of terms in the thesaurus, they sent it to Crispin Brooks, curator of the Visual History Archive. Brooks would then work with a smaller group of indexers who are experts in particular subject areas or geographies to research each proposed term and help determine whether it should be added to the thesaurus…”

Report – Open Source Software and the DOD

Center for New American Security – Open Source Software and the Department of Defense – “This paper discusses where the DoD is already making inroads to use open source development methodologies to shorten time to mission without sacrificing national security. I hope our civilian and uniformed leaders will read it carefully and take it seriously.… Continue Reading

Speech Is 3x Faster than Typing for English and Mandarin Text Entry on Mobile Devices

Speech Is 3x Faster than Typing for English and Mandarin Text Entry on Mobile Devices – Sherry Ruan, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Kenny Liou, Andrew Ng, James Landay (Submitted on 25 Aug 2016) “With laptops and desktops, the dominant method of text entry is the full-size keyboard; now with the ubiquity of mobile devices like smartphones,… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Visiting Thailand

Via – Visiting Thailand By Ryan Davis, 28 Aug 2016 Research Assistant and world traveler Ryan Davis shares his travelogue from a recent trip to Thailand, including how to find great affordable places to stay, where to visit, suggestions on food and meals, and cost effective transportation tips for land, sea and air. Ryan’s… Continue Reading

Syria’s never ending war

Via the New York Times –  Syria’s Paradox: Why the War Only Ever Seems to Get Worse. ” The average [civil war] now lasts about a decade, twice as long as Syria’s so far. But there are a handful of factors that can make them longer, more violent and harder to stop. Virtually all are… Continue Reading

Gallup – Millennial Employees: Flight Risk for Companies

J. Brandon Rigoni and Bailey Nelson, Gallup: “Six in 10 millennials say they’re open to different job opportunities, and only 50% plan to be with their company one year from now. For most companies, millennials are a “flight risk.” Given this, organizations need to recognize how millennials search for and select employers — and then… Continue Reading

Louisiana elementary school educator seeks help to rebuild library after flooding

Via Trey Veazey’s blog posting requesting help [he is a Full-time librarian & literacy specialist at Glen Oaks Park Elementary School – Baton Rouge, Louisiana): “Access to books is the key to educational success. Our library doesn’t have books. Our classrooms don’t have books. Many of the homes of our students don’t have books. Like the tears… Continue Reading

NISO Launches New Project to Create a Flexible API Framework for E-Content in Libraries

“Voting Members of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) have approved a new project to modernize library-vendor technical interoperability to improve the access of digital library content and electronic books. Building upon a set of API (Application Programming Interface) Requirements developed by Queens Library, a new NISO Working Group will create a foundational API set… Continue Reading

Has Google lost sight of search?

Official Google Blog – Search is a Jack of all trades – August 25, 2016 – “Today we’re dealing two new hands from the Google Search deck: solitaire and tic-tac-toe. Now you can play two of the oldest and most popular games for all ages, on desktop and in the Google app. It’s been said… Continue Reading

Citing Government Information Sources Using MLA Style

Patrick Ragains, Business and Government Information Librarian, University of Nevada, Reno: “I’ve updated my guide, Citing Government Information Sources Using MLA Style, which is directly available at I welcome your feedback, corrections, etc. MLA 8th has substantial changes, and, as always, there are often different ways to cite the same source. Feel free to… Continue Reading

Elsevier introduces DataSearch engine

Via Mendeley Blog: “Elsevier takes the next step in making researchers’ lives easier with the new DataSearch engine.  You can search for research data across numerous domains and various types, from a host of domain-specific and cross-domain data repositories. It’s available at“ Continue Reading