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Law Schools and the University

Rasmussen, Bob, Law Schools and the University (February 9, 2016). Syracuse Law Review, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN:

“This piece, written for a symposium celebrating Rick Matasar’s scholarship, charts a course for law schools over the coming years. In particular, it suggests that law schools need to adjust to the changing environment in the legal profession, and broaden their impact across campus. Law practice is becoming more inter-professional, and law schools should take this opportunity to partner with other units across campus to provide a better education both to their students and to the rest of the students at the university. A law school that becomes more integrated into the fabric of the university will find a successful path going forward.”

Open Data Institute News

“Stay ahead of the curve with the latest open data news, blogs and comment from the ODI team, global network and industry experts around the world. From practical tips for publishing open data to inspiring accounts of how open data has changed lives, we’re publishing new blogs all the time…We connect, equip and inspire peopleContinue Reading

RDA Metadata Standards Directory Working Group: Final Report

RDA Metadata Standards Directory Working Group: Final Report. Alex Ball, Jane Greenberg, Keith Jeffery, Rebecca Koskela. 2016-01-22. “The Metadata Standards Directory Working Group set out to develop a directory that would enable researchers, and those who support them, to discover metadata standards that would be appropriate for documenting their research data, regardless of their academicContinue Reading

Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community

Statement for the Record Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community. Senate Armed Services Committee, James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence. February 9, 2016. Global threats include: Cyber and Technology; Terrorism; Weapons of Mass Destruction and Proliferation; Space and Counterspace; Counterintelligence; Transnational Organized Crime; Economics and Natural Resources; Human Security. “..The consequences ofContinue Reading

Sci-Hub, BookFi and LibGen defy court order and move to Dark Web

Via Torrent Freak: “A few days ago several large online repositories of free books and academic articles were pulled offline. Sci-Hub, BookFi and LibGen had their domain names taken away after Elsevier beat them in court. However, the site’s operators are not planning to cease their activities and are continuing their operations through alternative domainsContinue Reading

CDC WONDER Databases

“WONDER online databases utilize a rich ad-hoc query system for the analysis of public health data. Reports and other query systems are also available.” Related – Top killer of Americans in 2014 – 1) heart disease; 2) cancer; 3) chronic lower respiratory diseases and 4) accidents.

Accenture reports stats on corporate diversity and inclusion

Julie Sweet, Group Corporate Executive/Accenture: “At Accenture, our commitment to inclusion and diversity starts at the top. We believe strongly that inclusion and diversity are essential for a high performing, talent-led organization. Quite simply, our diversity makes Accenture stronger, smarter and more innovative, which helps us better serve the needs of our clients, our peopleContinue Reading

USGS Increases Public Access to Scientific Research

News release:  “The U.S. Geological Survey is implementing new measures that will improve public access to USGS-funded science as detailed in its new public access plan. The plan enables the USGS to expand  its current on-line gateways to provide free public access to scholarly research and supporting data produced in full or in part withContinue Reading

The Flash Crash: A New Deconstruction

Aldrich, Eric M. and Grundfest, Joseph and Laughlin, Gregory, The Flash Crash: A New Deconstruction (January 25, 2016). Available at SSRN: or “On May 6, 2010, in the span of a mere four and half minutes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost approximately 1,000 points. In the following fifteen minutes it recovered essentiallyContinue Reading

Dive Against Debris: Employing 25,600 scuba divers to collect data

Via Data Driven Journalism – “To date, Dive Against Debris surveys have been conducted in over 50 countries, with the top reporting countries being the United States, Thailand and Greece. As more divers get involved with Dive Against Debris, Project AWARE continues to bring visibility to the problem of marine debris and helps to identifyContinue Reading

Google Search Education Online

“Improve your Google search skills with our Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching online courses. Learn tips and tricks to become a fast and effective fact-finder with Power Searching with Google. Deepen your understanding of solving complex research problems using advanced Google search techniques with Advanced Power Searching with Google. Join a growing global communityContinue Reading

The Resilient State: New Regulatory Modes in International Approaches to Statebuilding?

Pospisil, Jan and Kuehn, Florian P, The Resilient State: New Regulatory Modes in International Approaches to Statebuilding? (February 4, 2016). Third World Quarterly, January 2016, DOI:; Edinburgh School of Law Research Paper No 2016/03. Available for download at SSRN: “Resilience’ has quickly risen to prominence in international security and development circles. In recentContinue Reading