Corruption Scandal Impacting Capitol Hill Leadership

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 8, 2006

Series of articles related to the corruption scandal impacting a growing number of individuals on the Hill, as well as lobbying firms.

  • AP: DeLay Gives Up Bid to Reclaim House Post
  • New York Times: Officials Focus on a 2nd Firm Tied to DeLay
  • Blunt and Boehner out front as leadership race begins
  • Washington Post: Ethics Issues Snared GOP’s Champion – DeLay’s Focus on Fundraising Powered Party Gains But Led to Problems
  • New York Times: Lobbyist’s Firm Escapes Fallout From a Scandal
  • Capitol Hill Blue: DeLay’s gone but GOP’s troubles continue
  • Press release: Speaker Hastert Comments on Rep. DeLay’s Decision to Step Down as Majority Leader
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