DOJ Memo Determined Voting Rights Violations Resulting From Texas Redistricting

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on December 2, 2005

News today about the DOJ’s 2003 memo concerning the Congressional redistricting plan enacted by the Texas Legislature (Texas House Bill 3). The text of the document (73 pages, PDF), has been published by the Lone Star Project. From the document: “The State of Texas has not met its burden in showing that the proposed congressional redistricting plan does not have a discriminatory effect.”

  • Washington Post: Justice Staff Saw Texas Districting As Illegal- Voting Rights Finding On Map Pushed by DeLay Was Overruled
  • Evidence of Political Manipulation at the Justice Department: How Tom DeLay’s Redistricting Plan Avoided Voting Rights Act Disapproval, by Mark Posner
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