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by Sabrina I. Pacifici on February 27, 2008

  • Eight Legal Technology Trends for 2008 – Good Times, Bad Times or Hard Times in Legal Tech? by Dennis Kennedy
  • E-Discovery Update: Resolving Client-Vendor Disputes, by Conrad Jacoby
  • Happ-eee with my Eee PC, by Bette Dengel
  • Knowledge Discovery Resources 2008, by Marcus P. Zillman
  • The Government Domain: What’s New in DotGov and Beyond, by Peggy Garvin
  • FOIA Facts: The Congressional Role in FOIA Operations, by Scott A. Hodes
  • Mexico and its Legal System, by Prof. Jorge A. Vargas
  • CongressLine: The Budget, by Paul Jenks
  • The Caribbean Court of Justice: A Research Guide, by Yasmin Morais
  • Burney’s Legal Tech Reviews, by Brett Burney
  • More Recommendations from MacWorld 2008, by Nicholas Moline
  • Commentary: The Theory of the Unitary Executive and the FY2009 Budget, by Beth Wellington
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