New Report Documents Contributions by Federal Judges to Bush Campaign

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on October 31, 2006

From the Center for Investigative Reporting and “At least two dozen federal judges appointed by President Bush since 2001 made political contributions to key Republicans or to the president himself while under consideration for their judgeships, government records show. A four-month investigation of Bush-appointed judges by the Center for Investigative Reporting reveals that six appellate court judges and 18 district court judges contributed a total of more than $44,000 to politicians who were influential in their appointments. Some gave money directly to Bush after he officially nominated them. Other judges contributed to Republican campaign committees while they were under consideration for a judgeship.”

  • Money Trails to the Federal Bench: an investigation into the history of campaign contributions by Bush-appointed judges (66 pages, PDF), released October, 31, 2006
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  • ABA press release, October 31, 2006: “An American Bar Association commission today released its final proposal to revise the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct, addressing a host of issues relating to propriety in judicial conduct, among them increasing pressure on judges and judicial candidates to state positions on political issues and limits on judges accepting gifts, including free attendance at seminars.”
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