New website – Business without Borders

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on September 12, 2011

Business without Borders [sponsored by HSBC] is a unique resource in the United States — an online platform for businesses expanding beyond the U.S. borders. Targeted content from Business without Borders, and content partners The Wall Street Journal, Economist Intelligence Unit, and video content from Bloomberg Master Class, address the issues and needs of growing U.S. companies, from business tools, global trends and market analysis, to case studies and sector profiles. More than just content, Business without Borders is also a meeting place where members can develop relationships and share their experiences in being part of the global economy. Business without Borders also hosts regular, timely, events that key in on the issues affecting global trade. These events are held throughout the United States and are open to members. Best of all, Business without Borders offers all this and more … for free.”

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