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World of Work Report 2010 – From one crisis to the next?

World of Work Report 2010 – From one crisis to the next?, Published by the International Institute for Labour Studies: “The current economic recovery is not creating enough jobs and there are concerns about the quality of the jobs being created. Workers are becoming discouraged and leaving the labour market altogether, which could have long lasting and devastating effects, especially for young men and women:

  • Among 68 countries with available information, 38 per cent show negative job growth in the most recent quarter (either because employment losses continue or because it has fallen after a brief recovery, i.e. “double dip”).

  • Among the group of countries now experiencing employment growth, a disproportionate share of the job growth has been part-time – often involuntary. In some developing countries, workers are also working less than desired, and many have resorted to informal employment.
  • The number of people that have been unemployed for more than one year has increased in nearly all of the countries for which information is available – in some cases significantly.
  • Among countries with available information, more than 4 million workers had left the labour market by the end of 2009 and labour force participation rates are declining even in countries with positive employment growth. As of early 2010, close to 1.2 million people have become discouraged and have stopped actively looking for a job – although they would prefer to be working.
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