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100 ‘global minds’ who have crossed subject frontiers

Matthew Reisz, Times Higher Education: “A new book celebrates 100 of the academics, artists and activists who have been boldest in crossing disciplinary boundaries. The project is the brainchild of Gianluigi Ricuperati, creative director of the Domus Academy in Milan, a private postgraduate school of design that describes itself as “a living laboratory, an incubator of talents and a springboard for interdisciplinary adventures”. In today’s world, he told Times Higher Education, “the most exciting ideas come in the liminal and interstitial spaces between disciplines. The digital revolution forces us all to think in terms of numbers, pictures and words. That is why the world, including the academic world, has become less rigid.” To compile the list that forms the basis for 100 Global Minds: The Most Daring Cross-disciplinary Thinkers in the World, Mr Ricuperati asked a number of young people with a deep interest in arts and culture to offer their suggestions. All were under 25, he explained, so that they had “less links to the professional world and could offer a pure choice based on observation and free judgement”.”

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