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11 Net Neutrality Principles released by Library and University Groups

“The above organizations firmly believe that preserving an open Internet is essential to our  nation’s freedom of speech, educational achievement, and economic growth. The Internet now serves as a primary, open platform for information exchange, intellectual discourse, civic engagement, creativity, research, innovation, teaching, and learning. We are deeply concerned that public broadband providers have financial incentives to interfere with the openness of the Internet and may act on these incentives in ways that could be harmful to the Internet content and services provided by libraries and educational institutions. Preserving the unimpeded flow of  information over the public Internet and ensuring equitable access for all people is critical to our nation’s social, cultural, educational, and economic well-being.
Our organizations have joined together to provide the following background information and to set forth the key principles (below) that we believe the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should adopt as it reconsiders its “net neutrality” policies in response to the recent court decision. We invite others to join us.”

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