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2007 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary

2007 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary, Chief Justice John Roberts, January 1, 2008.

  • “Most Americans are far too busy to spend much time pondering the role of the United States Judiciary—they simply and understandably expect the court system to work. But as we begin the New Year, I ask a moment’s reflection on how our country might look in the absence of a skilled and independent Judiciary. We do not need to look far beyond our borders, or beyond the front page of any newspaper, to see what is at stake. More than two hundred years after the American Revolution, much of the world remains subject to judicial systems that provide doubtful opportunities for challenging government action as contrary to law, or receiving a fair adjudication of criminal charges, or securing a fair remedy for wrongful injury, or protecting rights in property, or obtaining an impartial resolution of a commercial dispute. Many foreign judges cannot exercise independent judgment on matters of law without fear of reprisal or removal.”
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