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2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Since 2002, OPM has called on Federal employees to provide their candid opinions on all aspects of their Federal employment – their supervisors, their work experience, their agency and their senior leaders. This year, 376,577 employees provided their input to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) to influence change at their agencies. The 2013 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results present two very clear conclusions. First, the Federal workforce remains resilient in the face of historic challenges. Over 90 percent continue to be willing to put in extra effort, are constantly looking for ways to do their job better, and feel their work is important. Their levels of engagement are generally holding steady despite declining satisfaction. Second, despite the tremendous strengths and dedication shown by Federal employees, the 2013 responses demonstrate a significant drop in employee satisfaction and continue last year’s declines across the majority of questions, which are cause for concern. In addition to continued decreases in satisfaction with pay, one of the biggest drops this year was whether employees had sufficient resources needed to get their jobs done. This drop contributed to fewer employees recommending their organizations as good places to work. Any employer seeing this meaningful level of decline would be very concerned.”

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