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2013 Status of the Nation’s Highways, Bridges, and Transit: Conditions & Performance

Report to Congress, Publication No. FHWA-PL-14-007, Conditions & Performance 2013 Status of theNation’s Highways, Bridges, and Transit

“In 2010, all levels of government spent a combined $205.3 billion for highway-related purposes, of which $11.9 billion was a direct impact of the Recovery Act. All levels of government spent a combined $54.3 billion for transit-related purposes, including $2.4 billion of expenditures supported by one-time funding under the Recovery Act. The average annual capital investment level needed to maintain the conditions and performance of highways and bridges at 2010 levels through the year 2030 is projected to range from $65.3 billion to $86.3 billion per year, depending on the future rate of growth in vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Improving the conditions  and performance of highways and bridges by implementing all cost-beneficial investments would cost an estimated $123.7 billion to $145.9 billion per year. (Note that these projections are much lower than those  presented in the 2010 C&P report [Conditions and Performance], driven in part by an 18 percent reduction in highway construction prices.)”

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