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Daily Archives: August 23, 2013

Google Search expands features for online dictionary

Via Google+: “You may be familiar with using Google to find definitions, like [define fortuitous]. We’ve recently updated this feature on on desktop and mobile to give you more information about these words beyond just their definition. Now you’ll also see sample sentences that highlight how the word is used, as well as synonyms.… Continue Reading

CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey

Findings from the 2013 CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey Phase II: Final Applications and Initial Offers of Admission. August 2013 “Over the past seven years, the year-to-year growth in international applications has ranged from a high of 12% in 2006 to a low of 2% in 2013, but these eight years of growth follow a… Continue Reading

Pew – King’s Dream Remains an Elusive Goal

King’s Dream Remains an Elusive Goal; Many Americans See Racial Disparities, August 22, 2013 “Five decades after Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, D.C., a new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that fewer than half (45%) of all Americans say the country has made substantial progress toward racial equality… Continue Reading

Wealth Shocks and Macroeconomic Dynamics

Wealth Shocks and Macroeconomic Dynamics, Daniel Cooper- Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Karen Dynan – Brookings Institution. June 2013 “The effect of wealth on consumption is an issue of longstanding interest to economists.  Analysts believe that fluctuations in household wealth have driven major swings in economic  activity. This article considers so-called wealth effects—the impact of changes in wealth on  household… Continue Reading