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Daily Archives: August 5, 2013

Global Payroll to Population Rate Drops to 26% in 2012

News release: “Twenty-six percent of the world’s adult population was employed full time for an employer in 2012, down slightly from 27% a year ago. This decline reverses the upward trend in Gallup’s Payroll to Population (P2P) measure since the height of the global recession in 2009. Gallup’s P2P metric estimates the percentage of the adult population aged 15 and older — not just those currently in the workforce — who are employed full time for an employer for at least 30 hours per week. Gallup does not seasonally adjust its P2P metric. Gallup does not count adults who are self-employed, working part time, unemployed, or out of the workforce as payroll-employed in the P2P metric. The percentage of people working full time for themselves was 18% in 2012, a slight decline over 2011 (19%). Thirty-eight percent were out of the workforce (38%), up slightly over 37% in 2011.”

Gallup – Remote Workers Log More Hours and Are Slightly More Engaged

Gallup blog: A popular workplace trend — working remotely — made the headlines after Yahoo’s CEO required the company’s remote workers to return to the office. The company made the point that employees working from home have fewer chances to collaborate with coworkers.  While not all companies allow employees to work off-site, new data from… Continue Reading

2012 National Study of Employers

Families and Work Institute’s 2012 National Study of Employers (NSE) “is the most comprehensive and far-reaching study of the practices, policies, programs and benefits provided by U.S. employers to address the changing needs of today’s workforce and workplace. The NSE is based on the Institute’s landmark 1998 Business Work-Life Study (BWLS) and has been conducted… Continue Reading

Under civil forfeiture Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their belongings

The New Yorker. TAKEN – Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing? by Sarah Stillman “In general, you needn’t be found guilty to have your assets claimed by law enforcement; in some states, suspicion on a par with “probable… Continue Reading

2013 University of California Open Access Policy

News release: “The Academic Senate of the University of California has passed an Open Access Policy, ensuring that future research articles authored by faculty at all 10 campuses of UC will be made available to the public at no charge. “The Academic Council’s adoption of this policy on July 24, 2013, came after a six-year… Continue Reading

Privacy considerations for inclusion in Internet protocols

Internet Architecture Board (IAB): “This document offers guidance for developing privacy considerations for inclusion in protocol specifications. It aims to make designers, implementers, and users of Internet protocols aware of privacy-related design choices. It suggests that whether any individual RFC warrants a specific privacy considerations section will depend on the document’s content…Information about the current… Continue Reading

EC – consequences of living in an age of total information

Statement by EC Vice President Neelie Kroes “on the consequences of living in an age of total information”: “If businesses or governments think they might be spied on, they will have less reason to trust the cloud, and it will be cloud providers who ultimately miss out. Why would you pay someone else to hold… Continue Reading

New GAO Reports – Intermodal Transportation, Transportation Security

Intermodal Transportation – A Variety of Factors Influence Airport-Intercity Passenger Rail Connectivity, GAO-13-691, Aug 2, 2013 Intermodal Transportation – Results of GAO’s Survey on Air-Rail Connectivity (GAO-13-692SP, August 2013), an E-supplement to GAO-13-691, GAO-13-692SP, Aug 2, 2013 Transportation Security, Action Needed to Strengthen TSA’s Security Threat Assessment Process, GAO-13-629, Jul 19, 2013 Continue Reading

The Recent Bond Market Selloff in Historical Perspective

Tobias Adrian and Michael Fleming, Federal Reserve Bank of New York – “Long-term Treasury yields have risen sharply in recent months. The yield on the most recently issued ten-year note, for example, rose from 1.63 percent on May 2 to 2.74 percent on July 5, reaching its highest level since July 2011. Increasing yields result in realized or mark-to-market losses… Continue Reading