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2014 Business Dynamics Statistics

“The Business Dynamics Statistics provide annual statistics on establishments, firm startups, and job creation and loss from 1976 to 2014 by firm size, firm age, industrial sector, state and metropolitan statistical area. These statistics provide snapshots of current and historical U.S. entrepreneurial activity, plus geographic and industry detail about where jobs are being created and lost in the U.S. economy.  Data tables are available by firm characteristics and establishment characteristics, as well as through the application programming interface. The application programming interface provides easier access to data products, allowing developers to customize Census Bureau statistics to create a variety of applications and tools. Business Dynamics Statistics visualization tools allow users to analyze the data easily with a variety of graphical interfaces. An infographic with a focus on job creation from startups accompanies this release. The infographic uses data from the Business Dynamics Statistics to show the number and proportion of new jobs created by startups at the national and metropolitan area levels. As part of the infographic, a metropolitan area-level map shows the spectrum of startups’ contribution to metropolitan area employment. The underlying data with the individual startup rates are available for all metropolitan areas as well as for the top 20 metropolitan areas based on total employment. Further information on Business Dynamics Statistics can be found at <”

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