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2014 Trustwave Global Security Report

“The 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report is back for another year,…and we again lean on hard evidence gathered from hundreds of data breach investigations conducted last year – 691 to be exact, spread across industries and the world – as well as threat intelligence gathered from our products and security operations centers. Using that evidence, we zero in on the critical components of a compromise that matter to you, including attackers, entry points, vulnerabilities and exploits, indicators of compromise and targets. Each reader will consume the data contained in this  report in different ways. Our hope is that you use it to help accomplish security goals that will allow your organization to stay better protected and grow. Here is how we laid out this year’s report: This introduction and summary provides an overview of our key findings and then suggests a five-step action plan for your organization. Section 1 focuses on the trends surrounding victims, attackers and their locations. Section 2 – the biggie – deconstructs and deciphers the massive amount of threat intelligence we uncovered in 2013. Section 3 details how cybercrime is uniquely impacting different regions of the world.”

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